Thursday, August 18, 2011


This is just a question in my mind now.

What is ISA?

I am trying to understand this Act.

Few years ago, year 2003 Hong Kong goverment try to apply a similiar ACT - Article 23 but it has been stop by Hong Kong citizen....

I am trying to google (not research ahhhh...LOL) about Hong Kong Article 23 and ISA.



Sunday, August 7, 2011


Last week, I went to bookstore to get some books for myself and Lil Jo.

Children education for myself.

Children EQ related reading…I do not want Lil Jo end up like me….

Work book for Lil Jo. He’s going learn Mandarin start from now so he can communicate with my dad.

I am learning my English grammar again…start from basic. I have no shame of doing so…learning is the best way.

You should feel shame when you doing Devil’s work and you should not let shame stop you to LEARN or PICKING some knowledge.



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