Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quite some time…so Recently

Yes, it has been quite some time I have bee away…so what’s up recently?

First, my lil monster done his kindergarten and going to Primary 1 next year, his kindergarten graduation concert. Oh boy, he has been selected to represent his class for the appreciation speech to all the teacher and his junior.
Big longer lil!

Then, finally the first out of country vacation without lil monster. It’s Bali with him, I love that land of friendliness so much and I will go back again. I already booked the flight for next year!
Love the beach, food, the sunset! Ubud is so cozy and calm, it would be nice place for eat and love!

Went to Potato Head Beach Club!
I cut my hair short before the trip although I like my perm hair… but I just can’t stand the maintenance for dry hair so must as well cut it short and keep new long hair and perm for a sexay one next year!
And...I signed up for Muay Thai toward my target for sexay abs and butt!!! Sweat like wet chicken under the rain! Love it, and works toward my dream body! So I can put on more bikini during the next Bali trip!

Last, my sister jusy gave birth to a baby girl last week. My sister gave me an excuse to buy those little dresses! Woohoo…


I done my annual target, which mean I can celebrate my Xmas with less stress around. Yay!!! Women, you can do it, if you want it to be done!

That’s all for now, please trust me, I have recorded a lot of stuff with my smartphone, there is tons of stuff which I do not have time to put it in here.


Sunday, July 14, 2013


It was company trip! Well…3 days 2 nights but unfortunately for a staff from East Malaysia, I spent a day at airport.

Hoop on early morning flight to Langkawi! Nothing much and not much photo from this trip as everyone was crazy about drinking! Guess I have some photos taken by my colleague but never have a chance to get those photos.

Here are some…
The hotel, Four Point by Sheroton…room is OK OK…

The must have…bathtub!

First thing I did once check in! Off to pool and sun bathing!
First night, prep for company annual dinner! Red lips is on!
And…there is something about pocket! I like anything with it…ehm…

That's the roomie.
Outfit during the trip…for this season, NEON!
The thing we did while others busy with shopping…hohoho. It was so so good during hot day!
Or....busy with those chocolate...
Ladies…this one is good even you don't usually go for beer. I have been searching for this in KK.
Outfit for the flight…Yes, it's neon…
What I like about this maxis dress is the opening at the legs!

That's all.




Sunday, June 9, 2013

Still Around…Of course

Yes, but not in the blog sphere as I really do not have that extra time to let me finger exercise a little. Enough time in the office and by the time home, I left not much time in the night, I would prefer spending my time with my boy or the cozy bed.

A little update how am I like recently, looks fat compare to last year this time as I got swim every morning when we staying at the temporary place with pool.

Hair got long…finally. Hence playing around with it but still neck length better… at least I do not have to suffer during hot day.

#Long curl

#Big Curl

#All back
#Pony tail

Believe it or not, am sleepy now. Hitting 30 very soon, very soon, need an early bed time so I look good in the next morning.

By the way, I can't believe that I have been staying at KK for almost 4 years. Lot of memory here, yes a lot.




Saturday, February 16, 2013

First Update for 2013...kinda late!

It has been amazing 2012, most excitement came from my career. Great growth of company business for my region! Rewards and recognition, it something I am so happy about and with support from my superior without the opportunity given, this will never happen. Hubby finally back for good last April! We all happy about it! He found a job in an Open Happiness company!

Lunar New Year again, today the third day of celebration, what I have been doing for this new year is spending time at home since the first day and now of course writing this. What makes me to sitting here and typing was happen two nights ago when I browse through my blog entries and I have read some incident or thing which happened but I don't even remember about it, which I felt "wow….diary!"

Okay…stop being emo. Let see what happen for the past 4 months, oh yeah, you are right, my last update was back in October 2012.

Surprise! I perm my hair although this is not the style I looking for because I did not communicate well the day I got for this hairdo…but I like it as hubby said it's sexay!

This is the first day I style my hair…the curl is not what I want….

and then I slowly evolve to be a lady who know how blow curly hair! Look at the curl...



I bought this when I saw this when we doing Jo's xmas pressie shopping at Toy's Rus. Hubby said I was hopping up like a girl when I saw the monopoly.

Jo's new hair style, high cut. He is so hamsem.

Xmas pressie for myself! A perfume.

Walking around the mall last week, I want this red blouse so badly…kinda of regret did not get it right away!

What else I have done recently? Filling in those red packet or we call it Ang Pou.

Last, a Qi Pao that I bought for this CNY.


Wish you guys have a great CNY holiday!




Sunday, October 14, 2012

Away to KL…..

I were away to KL last week for meeting but I have extended my stay for another to shop at H&M.

Schedule was packed with meeting with all the product manager, like I have said many times previously, business is tough at this time. Election is coming soon but no one knows when it's gonna be and that is the main reason things not moving.

Have this once landed at KKIA, why we can't get Dove chocolate here in KK?! It was so good…..
Fringe cut is the choice, I have not get bored with it yet.

Craved for Korean cuisine…so there was this Korean restaurant at Isetan One Utama Mall. The food is so good, the lady boss was so polite and nice…Korean she is. I went there for dinner with my colleague twice in 3 days.

My outfit, took it in the new washroom at One Utama Mall….so nice! I am talking about the washroom as mirror everywhere in the washroom. LOL…yes, cuz I am female and narcissism.

Had this macaroons from a Chef who set up a temporary place at Isetan to promote his macaroon. For some of you always hang out at One Utama, I bet you have seen this cute and hamsem Chef.
Macaroon from Epicurean…it's so good but I don't have fridge to keep it and it got melted the next day when I left it in my sister's BF car. But still taste good when I had it at airport although the filling melted.

Indulge myself a little…


Hangout at Lot 10 with my youngest sister…we came here because of H&M. We spent 5 hours in H&M!

Maxi dress….I have planned this outfit cuz it is easier when come to dressing! Long que and I need to be fast!


I got all these! Jaw dropped when I pay…totally unexpected amount. Not expensive at all if compare to MANGO, ZARA! I love the price tag so much….so affordable! Wish I could get more for Lil Jo! Next trip…
Finally went to this food court at Lot 10. Me and my sister was super hungry after H&M, I guess that's why we have put aside those calories count.
Bought some graffiti tees for Lil Jo.

That's all…got to check out my braised pork now.



Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fringe (:

For one whole year of 2011 I was on boy hair style when I was in beauty industry where by I can go bold if I want to.

After I got on board in my current company, I need to be go down to earth a little…got to kept my hair a little lady so I kept my hair to grow and grow but still monthly hair salon visit make me itchy to change my hair style.

I thought this would be the best till I got bored.

But then cut and keep and cut till now I go for FRINGE J which was suggested by Julia my hair stylist from Hair Cut Salon. She is the best in town in whole Kota Kinabalu.

Here goes the fringe. I was a bit sceptical about it when Julia go for fringe but after a while….:)
Like it.
and then it get shorter...

Quarter ending this month makes my stress level go to maximum level, I could not sleep well for the past few weeks. I knows from heart that I am not a person sitting there and wait without even try to do my best which is the main cause of burn out...stress.
Business is tough these days but again tough environment make us strong in the future if we survive it. .


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