Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quite some time…so Recently

Yes, it has been quite some time I have bee away…so what’s up recently?

First, my lil monster done his kindergarten and going to Primary 1 next year, his kindergarten graduation concert. Oh boy, he has been selected to represent his class for the appreciation speech to all the teacher and his junior.
Big longer lil!

Then, finally the first out of country vacation without lil monster. It’s Bali with him, I love that land of friendliness so much and I will go back again. I already booked the flight for next year!
Love the beach, food, the sunset! Ubud is so cozy and calm, it would be nice place for eat and love!

Went to Potato Head Beach Club!
I cut my hair short before the trip although I like my perm hair… but I just can’t stand the maintenance for dry hair so must as well cut it short and keep new long hair and perm for a sexay one next year!
And...I signed up for Muay Thai toward my target for sexay abs and butt!!! Sweat like wet chicken under the rain! Love it, and works toward my dream body! So I can put on more bikini during the next Bali trip!

Last, my sister jusy gave birth to a baby girl last week. My sister gave me an excuse to buy those little dresses! Woohoo…


I done my annual target, which mean I can celebrate my Xmas with less stress around. Yay!!! Women, you can do it, if you want it to be done!

That’s all for now, please trust me, I have recorded a lot of stuff with my smartphone, there is tons of stuff which I do not have time to put it in here.


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