Friday, April 24, 2009

Christian Dior Sales

It was just opposite my office which is excellent! As I am not a Christian Dior fans, so overall I am not spending much for this sales.

Here you go, what I grabbed from this sales a key pouch and some lip gloss.

I would like to let go 3 lip glosses, please drop me an email if you are interested. RM52 each and Postage RM5 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM8 for East Malaysia

Colour Available:
291 – Honey Delight
441 – Creamy Rose
695 – Peach Nectar

I will not show the swatch for hygienic reason.


Nail Colour Collection & NOTD

I like my nail to be painted, hence I like to buy and sort of start collecting nail colour ever since I doing my manicure at home.

Here you go, my nail colour collection, I did not know that I have bought so much, until last night when I want to clear and clean up my manicure tool storage box. My hubby will start saying "BB, stop buying those, you've been too obsessed with it recently." Hubby, why don't you stop upgrading/upgrade your toys? :p

Here is my NOTD, using Maybelline Salon Secret Passion Red.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Haul

It's has been some time we (me and hubby) not going out for a date since our son born. I mean my baby stay overnight with my mum or babysitter and both of us go for a movie or dinner then get home shower and sleep. But this is kind of hard for both us because we just can't stay away from our son for a day and it's because I'm breastfeeding so little Jo need me at night.

But last weekend we decided to let him stay away from us for one night then we go for a dinner and movie. Of course after dinner there still some time for me to shop around and I went to L'Occitane to re-stock my Cherry blossom hand cream. I was actually wanted to get their Provence Promotion Set which cost RM159 for 7 items (usually cost RM299) but I need to save up for the next upcoming warehouse sales which I been waiting for so long. But Miu grabbed 2 sets of the RM159!!!

Then the next morning went to a warehouse sale to get the Paul & Joe liquid foundation which is their star product. Will review this later!

But nothing is better than we both can finally get to spend the time together.

Perfume Gossip

I'm a perfume freak, at least one of my ex-colleague said so and I admit. I like to collect different scent and will choose the scent according to my daily mood and match with the occasion. But carrying a full size perfume bottle caused a lot of trouble during travelling, so now I have been looking for a travel size perfume for travel. Get myself a miniature Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll fragrance.

The packaging is so cute. A box of four miniatures came in a pink box, and the perfume is put on a mini size cup cake cup just like a dessert. The scent is fruity floral which is my love.

Top Notes: fresh fruit with Gooseberry, Grapefruit and Rhubarb
Middle Notes: Wild Rose, Freesia, Cinnamon, Ginger and Cardamom
Base Notes: Grenadine, Peach and Cedar wood

With this size I can put into my handbag, clutch when party or travel toiletries bag.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oscillation, Oscillation, Oscillation!

What the heck is that? Oscillation?! Hey I talking about the power mascara from Lancome which has been launched in US last year and now I finally got it after a long wait caused I missed the pre-sales on the February at Isetan KLCC. So end up putting my name in the waiting list to order this mascara for its official launch in April 2009. So I'm been waiting this for six months.

Got a call from Lancome counter last weekend, they said "Oscillation Mascara is here", and straight away went to the counter to get it after work. But I not able to try it until today because been busy with work since last week due to quarter ending and our company financial year end closing. This morning I am using Oscillation mascara to see what is the different between this with others ordinary mascara.

Lancome Oscillation Mascara is only available in black-white (I was wondering why they called the color "black-white?) currently (I mean Malaysia) and what I got from their website it's available in waterproof formula.

The secret for the secret for this mascara is it does the zig-zag motion for you while you applying your mascara. How? There is a little button at the cap, press the button and hold it down while you applying your mascara. When you press the button, the mascara tip is vibrating at a zig-zag direction and oscillates to wrap up the lash up to 360°. The great thing is the Oscillation is that it does all the works, no need wiggled the brush side by side or rotate the mascara tip.

I tried to use the Lancome Oscillation without eyelash curler and the result my last does curl up and separate nicely with NO SMUDGING and I applied another two coats for longer and volume lash.

Tadaa…Here is the result after I tested it out. BEFORE applying the mascara, you can't see my lash at all. AFTER, here you go, the eyelashes!

For me I would say Lancome Oscillation is suitable for daily use basis but if you want a more dramatic effect for party look, please add another falsie on top of your lash.

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