Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chanel Nᵒ5 Christmas EDT

I receive an email from Chanel newsletter about their latest Chanel Nᵒ 5 Christmas EDT Spray. This time Chanel designed an elegant and luxurious metal chasing and at the same time it is practical because it is refillable!

The newsletter informed me to redeem the sample and I saw the chasing, nice. How it's gonna refillable. According to the SA, the black metal chasing is to cover the glass bottle and once finish you can remove the glass bottle from the black chasing by pushing from the bottom. I was in the rush to dinner so I did not snap the actual bottle.

I got the sample of this EDT spray and I guess I will use it tomorrow!

The selling price for Chanel Nᵒ 5 Christmas EDT Spray is RM268, 50ml. I am a perfume freak so if financially wise allow me to get this I will grab it before I fly back to Kota Kinabalu next month!



Some Excitement – Shu Uemura by Tsumori Chisato

Today was a tiring day for me maybe not enough sleep last night because I woke early in the morning to pick up my dad. Tomorrow need to wake up early because my dad has to go for his follow-up checking at the hospital. I should be sleeping by now but just cannot wait until tomorrow morning to share some excitement with those who like Shu Uemura and those like to collect their limited edition stuff.

From Miu blog, she had been post about Shu Uemura 2009 Holiday Collection by Tsumori Chisato. Once I read about the post I can't stop thinking about the brush set from this collection. Just happen to pop by Shu Uemura store today and check when the collection will be available, unfortunate it is not available for sell today but nice SA told I can put my hands on the sample set which just reached the store.

Muahahaha....I got my hands on it however they don't have the whole collection yet so brush set I have to wait for you.

I like the rouge collection and the mirror but I have to spend wisely this time because I officially no more income this month will think about it should I get it…..

What about you? Anything you want to get for yourself for this coming X'mas? I saw the MAC 2009 Holiday Collection not bad as well.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is the Final Count Down

Too be exact, it's only left 10 days to move back to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but it seem like I have not pack anything and think again there will be mover help us to pack so I basically just need to throw those I don't want. The moving company will send over some boxes for us to pre-pack something personal like cloth and something even more personal like lingerie (*shy*).

I just got to know we has the plan to renovate our house mean we need move to a temporary home while the renovation in progress! Although we going to pack everything again (lots of work) but nothing better than we can stay together with family!

Things I gonna do before I move back to Sabah:

  1. Meet up with friends.

  2. Trim my eyebrow at Shu Uemura

    This time I will snap a photo of the eyebrow shape and show it to anyone who will do my eyebrow trimming at Sabah. Kind of hard to get a someone good in eyebrow shaping even in a big city like KL, that's why I always get my eyebrow trimming done by Shu Uemura makeup artist.

  3. Cut my hair Because John – my hair stylist is the best so far, he knows what kind of hair cut suit me! He never disappoints me.

  4. Final shopping

    Stuffs I need to use to do manicure and pedicure (my own hands and maybe some family member to practice)

My Dad will come over tomorrow for his follow up checking with the ophthalmologist at Hospital Selayang. I hope everything fine! Besides that, we meet with hubby consultation doctor last week and he suggested hubby to take the radiotherapy treatment, and now what hubby going to do is to continue his healthy life style NO BEER and EAT HEALTHY more healthy than usually. His meal mostly veges and fruit. We believed he will get well soon.



Sunday, October 25, 2009

Remove Your Mask -KOSE Seikisho Mask White

Halloween is near and I know some of us might need to wear a mask to party but did you know we also wearing a mask in our daily life as well but this one you might not able to see until you use some sort of peel off mask to remove it. What I saying here is the old keratin aka dead skin and dirt on our face.

I have using Kose Seikisho Mask White since high school time to remove the dead skin. Why…because I found it good and suitable for me who crazy for even skin tone. What it does is to remove old keratin and dirt in pores simply by peeling. What's more, it not only removes harmful aspects, but also adds beneficial components to the skin. The mask contains Japanese and Chinese herbal extract with whitening ingredients. I like the herbal scent from this mask, its smell good to me.

This mask really did well in removing old keratin or dead skin we called it. Let's the photo tell the story now. Although the peel off mask powerful to remove the old keratin and dirt on your faces so it should be painful/hurt when you peel it off? Nope, I do not feel hurt at all when I peel off the mask from my face!


I always stock this up during Kose Sales but what I read from Jess blog, Kose counter is having promotion for this mask and you can get it at RM60 a tube until 31st Oct 2009, normal price if not mistaken was RM85.

Now is time to remove your natural face mask….the dead skin!



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Good Food and Friends at ZEN Japanese Restaurant

When I am free or not working the only thing I will hunt down is FOOD, the good one and the best thing is you enjoy it with your friend. We like Japanese lately so we went to Zen Japanese Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid shopping centre.

Erm...I got to watch out my weight!



Friday, October 16, 2009

Essie & Nubar Nail Polish from Beauty9 Expo

Yes, nail polish again! This time I really stock up because I can't say no to the promotion price!!!! I have no time to work around to other exhibitor booth too busy but I can foresee if I doing so I will broke by now!

I like the Nubar nail polish colour too because the colour range is more rock. Essie is more elegant. Anyway my mood of nail colour will switch according to my mood. No matter what kind of nail polish colour just grab whatever you like and match it with your look.



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Makeover...for my blog!

Finally I have done my blog makeover, I have been thinking to do this ever since I start this blog but NO TIME. Spent the whole evening to do this....I using gray colour layout and there are more to be done.

Now is time to recap what I have done for the past few days beside the time I have spent in hospital with my beloved one.

Got to go to bed!



Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy Week

I have been disappeared for a while since my last post although I am not working anymore and should be able to do a lot of stuff. Yes, that what I did to fill up my time over the past few days. I have been helping up my sifu at her exhibition booth at Beauty9 Expo. Learnt a lot from the exhibition and seen a lot too. Today I am tired and exhausted after four days. I need a rest before I set myself to active mode.

Right now I am so worried about my beloved one and hope everything go well tomorrow.



Sunday, October 4, 2009

[Recipe] Carbonara Pasta

People often ask questions like... "Hey, how you cook this ah???" when they come over hubby's dinner 'parties'. And he would always say... "Er... just cook lo. Don't have recipe la". He would then explain that cooking comes from passion and interests, and if you need to read from a recipe to cook, then you might as well have dinner outside and pay for it. BUT... because he has promised my fellow gossipiers that he would share with them how he prepares a meal, I have the privilege to expose he deep dark secrets J But one thing for sure... his recipe ALWAYS changes but somehow still tastes great, if not BETTER whenever he tries to improvise. Anyways, enough bragging about him... let's see the recipe for spaghetti carbonara... with a twist.

Here's what he used for the dish:

  1. 3 – 4 cloves of garlic, diced finely
  2. A bunch of halved baby roma tomatoes... or just go for any cherry tomatoes if u can't find them. Don't ask how many in a bunch, coz he would say... "Up to you laaar..." Anyways, I spied about 7 or 8 of them.
  3. Diced sun dried tomatoes... a couple of them. But I saw that it's HALF the amount of baby tomatoes.

  4. Bacon... a hand full of bacon chunks, not those sliced bacons. You can use those, but hubby said that would lack in both taste and texture. BUT you can use some of them to create some 'crisps' into your dish.
  5. Egg yolks... ONE for EACH person.

Spaghetti... This is very important he say... in his exact words, "Don't be a cheap bastard and save RM1 – RM2 and buy stupid brands like San Remo. Go for the best... and by best, it's usually the weirdest name you find" For hubby, he prefers Barilla more than anything else... and it's not that much expensive than any of the cheapest brand around.


  1. Start boiling about 3 – 4 litres of salted water. This is for your pasta... and trust me you need to do this first. Also, a few table spoons of olive oil into water.
  2. Brown your bacon without any oil on a frying pan until you get something like the picture. Usually takes about 10 – 15mins on a medium high heat. Set aside.

  3. By now, your water should start to boil... when this happens, throw in your spaghetti. Tip, do the twist when doing so, this will avoid your pasta from sticking together. And it's quite fun to do it that way too!

  4. Barilla takes about 5mins to be 'al dente'... we don't even know what it means, but you'll know when you take a small bite of the pasta you don't feel any hard stuff... and it's NOT mushy.

  5. So, while pasta is cooking, start heating another pan with olive oil... for 2 person, it's close to about 4 seconds from a out from the bottle. Coz he's not even sure how much he used!

  6. Throw in garlic, Tomatoes (both fresh and dried ones) and throw it about for a while. Make sure you don't burn the garlic. Do all this in medium heat. When garlic doesn't look raw anymore, throw in browned bacon and stir this about. Add salt and pepper to taste... After this you should turn off the heat.

  7. Tasting... now, it'll seem like there's NO SAUCE to taste, but the taste is actually in the oil. Just grab you spatula that you're using and swipe your finger over it. If it tastes too faint, then you need more salt. Just don't overdo it or you'll end up with a Cantonese stir fry noodle.

  8. By now, your pasta should be cooked nicely. Drain them, dump them into your garlic, tomatoes and bacon mix. Oh, and right before you do that, throw in your egg yolks RIGHT before the pasta. Mix and serve...

Then I ask, "Hubby... aren't you cooking carbonara??" He said, "Well.. here you go!" Cream leh? Then he started his story about restaurants over commercializing AMERICAN carbonara... which adds cream and mushrooms and etc. Original carbonara doesn't contain any of these... just add in egg yolks into an aglio olio dish, and you have carbonara. Ooh... and you should add some parmesan cheese before you serve... it's just that he ran out of them when he did this dish.



[Sweetest Thing] Shopping – Lux Asia Sale & Shu Uemura

Girls love diamond but when you can't afford for a diamond then I guess shopping will be the greatest therapy for girls. I did a few shopping last months and most of them are good bargain.

But I have to save now because I officially unemployed this month, when I return to Kota Kinabalu I will become stay home mum but I not going to allow that happen so I have been looking something I can do at home to earn some pocket money. Well back to the sweetest thing.

Lux Asia VIP Sales

Miu informed me about this sale, it's by invitation only, and she has extra invitation so she gave me one. What I got from this sale: RMK and YSL. RMK eye shadow was totally a steal.

Shu Uemura

I have been looking for an extra bottle of liquid foundation. Why? I do not know maybe it was a bit bored with my current liquid foundation (Clinique Super Fit which I have been using it since high school time. But I am looking for something which has more coverage. I have been trying a few liquid foundation samples but I end up with Shu Uemura light liquid foundation because I still remember a makeup artist friend told me the best foundation will goes to Shu Uemura or MAC.

To get the extra free gift with purchase, I need to spend RM350 above so Miu help to buy something she needed and top up the purchase value then we split the gift!

I have tried the foundation, thumps up!



Friday, October 2, 2009

First Day of Unemployed Life

I resigned a months ago, September 30th was my last day of employment but still I work until 8pm until Candy scold me and called me "Siao Po" (in Hokkien, mean crazy women)! Its quarter ending month so I have to help up the company to process order. I was so happy because today I do not have to sort out my to-do list anymore and just spend some quality time with my family until we move back to Kota Kinabalu (East Malaysia).

What I did for my first day of unemployed life? I went to mall with hubby because he needs to get his hair cut done and I went for shop. It was so weird lingering in the mall during working hours, I not use to it because sub-consciously I thought it was weekend. Good thing is I can have lunch with my friend.

Funny thing I did yesterday – CAM WHORING in the fitting room. LOL, but it was fun! :D

Some stuff I bought from Watson. This time I have more time to walk around Watson and look for stuff that I really need and did some comparison before I buy anything

Ehm...what am I going to do today? Maybe I will just sleep whole day.



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