Sunday, October 25, 2009

Remove Your Mask -KOSE Seikisho Mask White

Halloween is near and I know some of us might need to wear a mask to party but did you know we also wearing a mask in our daily life as well but this one you might not able to see until you use some sort of peel off mask to remove it. What I saying here is the old keratin aka dead skin and dirt on our face.

I have using Kose Seikisho Mask White since high school time to remove the dead skin. Why…because I found it good and suitable for me who crazy for even skin tone. What it does is to remove old keratin and dirt in pores simply by peeling. What's more, it not only removes harmful aspects, but also adds beneficial components to the skin. The mask contains Japanese and Chinese herbal extract with whitening ingredients. I like the herbal scent from this mask, its smell good to me.

This mask really did well in removing old keratin or dead skin we called it. Let's the photo tell the story now. Although the peel off mask powerful to remove the old keratin and dirt on your faces so it should be painful/hurt when you peel it off? Nope, I do not feel hurt at all when I peel off the mask from my face!


I always stock this up during Kose Sales but what I read from Jess blog, Kose counter is having promotion for this mask and you can get it at RM60 a tube until 31st Oct 2009, normal price if not mistaken was RM85.

Now is time to remove your natural face mask….the dead skin!




T.H said...

sound good :)

Sue said...

your peeling skills of the mask is good. LOL! still contain the same shape as your application. But I'm quite scared when it comes to peeling.. *pain* =.=

Jean said...

looks great!
and not expensive too! but I bought too much these days..>.<
will consider if I still have cash..=p

Jessying said...

Hey dear

The promo only available in Jusco's Kose. Now im tempted to buy after reading good review from you. I currently only using their Kose Seikisho Exfoliating Mask, nice ! thanks for the review dear , nice 1 , i always love peel off, just worry if it will cause dryness.

Joey said...

T.H: It's definitely nice becuase I has been using it like more than 5 years

Sue: Promise, this one won't hurt when you peel it off :)

Jess: No it will not dry up your skin but if you worry about dryness, you can put on Kose star product Seikisei Lotion. I am using this product too.

Jean: No worry if you cant get it now just wait for their warehouse sale. Should be end of this year, they did twice in a year for the past few years

Pigita said...


You are so skilled at getting the whole mask off in 1 piece.

Mine usually breaks off in at least 2 pieces.

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