Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is the Final Count Down

Too be exact, it's only left 10 days to move back to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but it seem like I have not pack anything and think again there will be mover help us to pack so I basically just need to throw those I don't want. The moving company will send over some boxes for us to pre-pack something personal like cloth and something even more personal like lingerie (*shy*).

I just got to know we has the plan to renovate our house mean we need move to a temporary home while the renovation in progress! Although we going to pack everything again (lots of work) but nothing better than we can stay together with family!

Things I gonna do before I move back to Sabah:

  1. Meet up with friends.

  2. Trim my eyebrow at Shu Uemura

    This time I will snap a photo of the eyebrow shape and show it to anyone who will do my eyebrow trimming at Sabah. Kind of hard to get a someone good in eyebrow shaping even in a big city like KL, that's why I always get my eyebrow trimming done by Shu Uemura makeup artist.

  3. Cut my hair Because John – my hair stylist is the best so far, he knows what kind of hair cut suit me! He never disappoints me.

  4. Final shopping

    Stuffs I need to use to do manicure and pedicure (my own hands and maybe some family member to practice)

My Dad will come over tomorrow for his follow up checking with the ophthalmologist at Hospital Selayang. I hope everything fine! Besides that, we meet with hubby consultation doctor last week and he suggested hubby to take the radiotherapy treatment, and now what hubby going to do is to continue his healthy life style NO BEER and EAT HEALTHY more healthy than usually. His meal mostly veges and fruit. We believed he will get well soon.




Jessying said...

joey , all the best to you and bon voyage ! although we will miss u physically make sure u continue blogging ya !!! and best wishes for you and your family.take good care of yourself n family.

the crystal nail buffer so nice :D lol

Sherry said...

time flies, once you have set a date will come.

Jean said...

Mmm~I always do my own brows..
Going home is great, especially when you leave home for so long already.

caixiuxiu said...

will miss u babe....

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