Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kuala Lumpur: Day 2

Long drag post about my KL trip early of Feb! Continue….

Candy suppose to be on leave for a day rest before she return to work after her Macau trip but she spent the day with me, whole day! We went to KLCC to have our lunch at The Apartment.

What a sunny day!

We ordered these and we cleared all of them!

After lunch we went to Isetan right away, I bought some T-shirts for lil Jo. Then we head down to Cosmetic Department and OMG! We spent like nearly 2 hours at the Shu Uemura counter!!! We tried their latest Spring Collection 2010.

This is heaven and it's a hell too.

I was so tempted to get the blush stick from the SU Spring Collection but NOT at the end. Strong will girl, strong will! I got myself a Nobara stick and the new formulated Deep Sea range lip balm.

But someone gets caught into the Shu Uemura Spring Collection, poor Candy…but as long as you happy. She had been thinking to get the cream eye shadow during her Macau trip.

Me cam whoring at the counter while Candy did her makeup at the counter.

Shu Uemura stuffs I got.

GWP I got by combining our bill, I get the GWP and Candy get the Isetan points. Thanks babe!

After KLCC, we went to Pavilion KL to meet up with Miu and Wing for dinner. Before they reach there, I and Candy went to Prada. OMG, another heaven or aka hell for me. I was so tempted to get their latest season purse! Candy kept encourage me to do the "evil" thing! But we left the boutique without anything because I know hubby might kill me if I back to KK although I want it so badly.

Right before dinner time, both of us gave up and we grab some rest at The Loft for some snacks.

Miu came to join us after here haul at L'oocitane! She kept hunting for her L'oocitane Almond series!

Yay! Dinner time we had our dinner at a Japanese restaurant after Wing reached!

Guess what?! Right before we left, we bumped into StellarVixen! We not gonna leave without a group photo!



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Relaxation!!! At South Sea Sanctuary

Last week, hubby kept lemming that he want to get a massage to relax a little after a long treatment he has been going through for the past six months. He keeps asking me everyday…"So when we going for a massage? Have you call to South Sea Sanctuary to make an appointment?". Till one day, I can't take it anymore so I called to make an appointment for two of us.

I went to their for massage before and attended their grand open ceremony as well but did not manage to take some nice photo so this I am not going to let my camera sitting in my bag anymore!

G11 Show Time!

The waiting area, change your shoes here, waiting while the staff go do the room arrangement.

Relax yourself before going for massage and have a cup of Chinese tea…not a normal Chinese Teh Ping you had out there!!!

Who's sitting there?!

After the massage session…no worry you can still relax here…nice ambience for you to chill down before you leave with your tea served.

We went crazy sometimes…

If you have a chance travel to Kota Kinabalu, go there to give your body a little treat!


South Sea Santuary 9, Jalan Tugu, Kampung Air, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 88000

Phone: +6088248221

Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm



Ehem… I know it’s not presentable!

Alright, I know it's not presentable for the time being but I believe more practices will bring me to the next level. Working hard now…working hard…

Try to do an Alice's Wonderland theme nails so here it is….

I need more practice on fine lines drawing!!!!



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I am not going to sing the song. It's a nails post. It has been long long time I don't have a nail art post. Just something I did few days ago when I came up that I wanted to a nail with rainbow color which I saw somewhere. Hence I did it after Lil Jo sleep.

The rainbow.

Freehand drawing but it's not perfect. Practice, practice, and more practice!

It's a little bored with only rainbow strip on the nail tips so I end up bling-ed my index finger nail.

I am using these for it.



Chocolate Eclairs….

Something sweet for Lil Jo after we brought him for a consultation from the dermatologist. I saw the advertisement of this hotel – The Crown Borneo Hotel located somewhere at Tanjung Aru knowing that they have chocolate éclairs so we went there to give a try.

The hotel website. I think their room rate is quite affordable and it's nearby the Kota Kinabalu airport.

I am not satisfy with the service there because we been waited for more than 15 minutes for our sandwich, just a simple smoke chicken sandwich…so me and hubby decided to give another chance to wait till they serve the chocolate eclair we ordered.

While we waiting for the FOODDDD….

Tadaaa…the chocolate éclairs.

Lil Jo definitely enjoyed the chocolate eclairs…can tell huh from the next photo huh..

Looks yummy and so do the taste. I would say this was the best éclair I have ever had; I never had this yummy chocolate éclair at Kuala Lumpur (can't recall that)

I will be going there for their chocolate éclairs. Service not good? I make it take away then :)

If you have ever discovered any place with good chocolate éclair please tell meeeeee…..I want to go!!!! Tell me even it's located in Kuala Lumpur because we will be back to KL for about 2 weeks this coming May!!!



Get naked!

Dare you to get naked?

Like this





Boo…nothing much to see. As it's just my back and I AM NOT NAKED in the photo!

Talk about nails, I really do not like my nails to be naked. If I can choose I would prefer it with color. But sometime I do wanted my nail go for natural color as well for some formal occasion so I will go for nude nail color. essie Not Just A Pretty Face is my favorite choice of nude color for the time being.

essie Not Just a Pretty Face.

A Naturally pinkish nude. (from essie's website)

I dare not go naked but for this nail polish, I would happily let my nail to be naked…once in a while. :D



Saturday, March 27, 2010

Razer Megalodon is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

Seriously, what's Razer Megalodon. This is not something related with any women stuff. Ehem…not really but most of time Razer categorize in MENS toy. If you are familiar or a pc freak/gamer, Razer should have sound familiar to you. Razer is a brand that manufacture a lot of gadget which is "PC game" friendly and the design and quality are THUMPS UP. Yea, even I am not a pc gamer I felt in love with their gear too but too bad the desktop is belong to Hubby and he is the one who using it most of the time hence I hardly have time to dated with his Razer gear.

Razer Megalodon is a headset, the most high-end headphone from Razer. Seriously, I am not a digital gear expert but I just can feel the difference between Razer Megalodon with others normal pc headphone. The sound quality…oh…brought me up to the heaven.

The packaging…so "ba bai" (classy)…

Why it's empty? Because I forgot to snap a photo before I take the headphone out from the box…

The M.E.G.A.L.O.D.O.N

The volume controller of the headset.

There is surrounding sound setting as well so it will be dam nice to use this for games as you can hear the echo. So it's no just some marketing and packaging, it's QUALITY as well.

It is HUGE! for me...

Oh yea, you gotta need this mic for online multi-player game.

Do I look good with it?

I have fall in love with it and I think hubby mistress will be Razer Megalodon. FYI, Megalodon was a giant shark that lives in the prehistoric times and Razer use it a name after this latest headphone.



The Penguins of Mandagascar

If you have watched the animation Mandagascar, about the adventure of the lion Alex (voice of Ben Stiller), the zebra Marty, the hippo Gloria and the giraffe Melman, you will know the four penguins character in the movie as well who plan to escape from the zoo! Now these four penguins have their own series which has been airing on Nickelodeon channel!

I have been watching the show with Lil Jo since the past two months and it was the funniest cartoon series I've ever watch!!! AWESOME! There are four penguins, Skipper (the leader), Kowalski (the group strategist and gadgeteer), Private (the most down-to-earth of the group) and Rico (the team's weapon and explosives specialist)! The series is about how the protect their habitat and solving problem for those animals live in the same zoo.

Remember the lemur king, Julian?! It was one of the main characters for the series as well. Julian has created a lot of problem and he always get Skipper to help him to solve those problems. BTW, Julian was quite obsessed with his feets in the series.

I watch this show almost every days and night with lil Jo, he likes it too much and sometime he laugh when he saw something funny from the series. He happy, I happy, at least keeps him occupied while myself or Hubby need to do something.

Last night we watches the show again….Yes, again.

Lil Jo while he's watching the series.

I changed bed sheet to something sweet this time.



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