Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Penguins of Mandagascar

If you have watched the animation Mandagascar, about the adventure of the lion Alex (voice of Ben Stiller), the zebra Marty, the hippo Gloria and the giraffe Melman, you will know the four penguins character in the movie as well who plan to escape from the zoo! Now these four penguins have their own series which has been airing on Nickelodeon channel!

I have been watching the show with Lil Jo since the past two months and it was the funniest cartoon series I've ever watch!!! AWESOME! There are four penguins, Skipper (the leader), Kowalski (the group strategist and gadgeteer), Private (the most down-to-earth of the group) and Rico (the team's weapon and explosives specialist)! The series is about how the protect their habitat and solving problem for those animals live in the same zoo.

Remember the lemur king, Julian?! It was one of the main characters for the series as well. Julian has created a lot of problem and he always get Skipper to help him to solve those problems. BTW, Julian was quite obsessed with his feets in the series.

I watch this show almost every days and night with lil Jo, he likes it too much and sometime he laugh when he saw something funny from the series. He happy, I happy, at least keeps him occupied while myself or Hubby need to do something.

Last night we watches the show again….Yes, again.

Lil Jo while he's watching the series.

I changed bed sheet to something sweet this time.



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