Saturday, March 27, 2010

Razer Megalodon is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

Seriously, what's Razer Megalodon. This is not something related with any women stuff. Ehem…not really but most of time Razer categorize in MENS toy. If you are familiar or a pc freak/gamer, Razer should have sound familiar to you. Razer is a brand that manufacture a lot of gadget which is "PC game" friendly and the design and quality are THUMPS UP. Yea, even I am not a pc gamer I felt in love with their gear too but too bad the desktop is belong to Hubby and he is the one who using it most of the time hence I hardly have time to dated with his Razer gear.

Razer Megalodon is a headset, the most high-end headphone from Razer. Seriously, I am not a digital gear expert but I just can feel the difference between Razer Megalodon with others normal pc headphone. The sound quality…oh…brought me up to the heaven.

The packaging…so "ba bai" (classy)…

Why it's empty? Because I forgot to snap a photo before I take the headphone out from the box…

The M.E.G.A.L.O.D.O.N

The volume controller of the headset.

There is surrounding sound setting as well so it will be dam nice to use this for games as you can hear the echo. So it's no just some marketing and packaging, it's QUALITY as well.

It is HUGE! for me...

Oh yea, you gotta need this mic for online multi-player game.

Do I look good with it?

I have fall in love with it and I think hubby mistress will be Razer Megalodon. FYI, Megalodon was a giant shark that lives in the prehistoric times and Razer use it a name after this latest headphone.



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