Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get naked!

Dare you to get naked?

Like this





Boo…nothing much to see. As it's just my back and I AM NOT NAKED in the photo!

Talk about nails, I really do not like my nails to be naked. If I can choose I would prefer it with color. But sometime I do wanted my nail go for natural color as well for some formal occasion so I will go for nude nail color. essie Not Just A Pretty Face is my favorite choice of nude color for the time being.

essie Not Just a Pretty Face.

A Naturally pinkish nude. (from essie's website)

I dare not go naked but for this nail polish, I would happily let my nail to be naked…once in a while. :D




Sherry said...

wah.. so daring, if me sure get scold!!! just the back also I cannot post up...x boleh.. haha..

Joey said...

sherry...daring?! Not really...I alway get permission first from the love one and he is the one help me to took the photo! :D It's actually not too much if from the ART point of view :)

Xiaopei said...

I like the color of your nail. ;) Looks very seductive to me. :D

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