Thursday, March 11, 2010

Natural Brown Eyes – KATE Eyeshadow in BR-1

Went out to get a toy for lil Jo and trim my hair today. Planned to 1 Borneo mall at the beginning so I decided to put on a lil makeup but end up we went to a mall at the KK city center because hubby said there is one hair salon which has been in business for at least 15 years.

I am using KATE Eyeshadow palette in BR-1. I bought this palette during Kanebo Sale last year and didn't know it was so good till today. Again earth tone is easy to use that's why I always buy earth tone eyeshadow palette. I have to stop buying earth tone eyeshadow palette!!!

KATE Eyeshadow in BR-1

The eye makeup using the e/s palette. Please forgive me for the panda eyes.

[Don't know why I did this expression. @@ ]

look from the side

Observe properly…my hair still long and I trim it short later in the evening to this…

I know there is not much different. But I like the feeling after a hair cut.

I am actually looking for another new camera and aiming for the popular GirlFriend from Panasonic Lumix – GF1. The most compact DSLR in world…so far. Finally found a Panasonic outlet to see and feel the GF1 with pancake lens. The price?! Of course expensive! RM3,799. I think I should not get this for the time being so model in my consideration now are either Canon G11 or Lumix LX3. Think, think and think. Or maybe just forget about new camera.




Popcorn said...

what a cute palette! haha love Kate!
haha nice look!

Joey said...

i am waiting for their latest e/s palette! the color looks so nice

all natural waterproof mascara said...

Wow! Your material for make up is good and you have variety of colors. I love to apply because its potential to remain on my face is a very long time.

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Ping said...

One of my favourites from Kate so far....^^

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