Monday, March 22, 2010

M.A.C Spring Colour Forecast Event

The event was only held to Kota Kinabalu last Friday after 2 weeks Kuala Lumpur launch the collection at MidValley Megamall. My disappointment because I can't get the Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach because I was told by them that the collecetion will start selling on the event day however they start selling the collection a week before so my peach (the blush Ripe Peach) has been SOLD OUT. Well, maybe I have to become some Datin then only they put me on the top customer in the list. Unfortunately I am not.

Never mind, I got something I like at least. J

I got a blush from Spring Colour Forecast Collection and two lip glosses from Too Fabulous Collection. I have no intention to get any lip gloss from the begining; I aimed for the Ripe Peach, that's all! But I discovered something which I can't resist myself to get the Cremesheen Glass from the Too Fabulous Collection.

Look at the collection, the colour so nice...I love!

I was thinking to get nude/pale pink colour lipstick but I would prefer lip gloss and OMG there is pretty pink shade lip gloss from the collection hence I got myself Cremesheen Glass instead.

Cremesheen Glass from MAC Too Fabulous Collection

I got the Boy Bait (a neutral beige with pearl) and Partial To Pink (light creamy yellow pink with light pearl).

I especially like the Boy Bait – a bait to get a kiss from a boy (my hubby). :p

The colour swatch. <3>

Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom (light cool pink).

Although it's not the coral peach shade I wanted so badly but the blush show up good on my face and it's the last piece! I got the last one!

Every customer can snap a photo using the iMac built in camera, the machine flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur…why???

Here's the photo I got.




Slowbrogal said...

I'm resisting of getting the cremesheen glass in Boy Bait. It look too good. Yeah, MAC had start selling MAC Spring Forecast 2 weeks before the event. I got two of the Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach instantly because it soo pretty. I can let it go if you want. ^^

Btw, are you going to the MAC workshop next month in 1-B?

Blair said...

Azalea Blossom is gorgeous! Now I'm regretting not getting one for myself :(

PiNk pRiNcEss said...

I love Azalea Blossom too!!!! It's just so pretty...
Mac collection too fabulous perfect with their fabulous product! ;p

Joey said...

I didn't know there willbe a w/s next month...any details? :)

Joey said...

Blair, dun be sad...MAC always come up with gorgeous worry :D

Pink Pricess, I saw you got the Azalea Blossom too! :)

Sherry said...

so pretty pic :D

Slowbrogal said...

I received call from MAC few days ago. Not mistaken is on 23-24april.

A级女人 said...


唯独它家的lip gloss我就不适合用了。试过买了一支,结果用后,双唇都肿胀了。最后只好送人。

Joey said...

我目前只用过他家得柔矿眼影。Lip gloss 也是头一回。。。爱死这系列唇蜜的颜色!
不打紧,双C牌他家的唇蜜也不错哦! :p

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