Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Got my Tifanny!

Alright, I have not got anything from Tiffany & Co. yet. But I got Tiffany corporate color on my nails. I think in Malaysia no many of us want to put this color on the finger nails. Again, this is just my thought.

This Tiffany likes nail polish is from essie Winter Collection 2009 – Apple Mint Candy. Its looks like mint ice-cream color but I found it do looks like Tiffany & Co corporate color too.

Under fluorescent light.

Under natural day light.

Saw some reviews as well about essie apple Mint Candy looks like a dupe for Chanel Jade nail polish. From my view, both of them are not same. Chanel Jade color is really a jade green and essie Apple Mint Candy is more to milky/cream mint color.



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