Monday, June 28, 2010

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Some updates.

Finally, I bought Liese hair styling products. Not because I don't want to get it in the early of the month but I can't seem to find it in KK although most of you have seen them in Watson, Guardian or Sasa in Kuala Lumpur. Hubby told me that my look just like a kids see sweet when I discovered them at the Watson One Borneo.

Liese Juicy Shower Refill Pack and Liese Designing Jelly.

Why Liese Juicy Shower REFILL pack? Because all the spray bottle packaging SOLD OUT once arrived on the Watson store.

Besides that, the PR of Loreal Consumer Division sent me some sweet stuff.

Loreal Paris latest Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Eye Shadow Palette and Made for Me Intenses lippie.

Will talk more after I try it.



Sunday, June 27, 2010

RhineStone Nail Art

My very first rhinestone nail art which I did for a customer two weeks ago. She's get the nail done for her wedding ceremony and banquet.



Friday, June 25, 2010

B for Beer at Brussel

B for beer at Brussel. There's a lot place selling Belgium beer now compared to last time. Hoegarden no longer new name and the Belgium beer distributor should be earning a lot…because they see the future if Belgium beer and brought them in to Malaysia.

There is one place we like to hang out when we still at Kuala Lumpur – Brussel at Jaya One. We pay a visit to Brussel again during our last trip to KL.

With KS…without Mr.Ooi.

Hubby act cool again.

Hubby demonstrated us "How you pouring Donkel into the glass".

Something happen before we left…KS left her car key in her office.

Will be going to KL again this September but the trip is about work.



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Mian – Pork Noodle

Sang Yuk Mian mean pork noodle in Hakka. It's a common dish KK people had every day but there is one restaurant which sell pork noodle always pack with people. Every time we pass by this restaurant, Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Mian (家乡生肉面) which located at Lintas Square we dare not to park our car and go in because the crowd - CRAZY. There is a morning I get up slightly earlier for work so hubby and I drive around Lintas Plaza to look for a shop for breakfast and I saw there is not much of people there…"Alright, this is the right time to try you!"

We order the taufu pok! It's so nice and trusts me this is not same as what you get at KL.

Taufu Pok

Kan Lao Sang Yuk Mian (干捞生肉面)

I like spicy food so I am doing quite well with chili sauce but their homemade chili sauce makes me smoke.

Hubby told me that he never seen me like this before –SMOKING HOT! Yea...but not Megan fox type.

MAP to there:

View Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Mian in a larger map



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday Celebration @ Nishiki Japanese Restaurant

We went for dinner at Nishiki Japanese Restaurant for my birthday celebration actually till the evening I have not decided to dine at home or going out for a dinner. Then Hubby insisted that it was my birthday so just get out for a dinner. Ehm….probably he just need an excuse to go out.

Nishiki was the oldest Japanese restaurant at Kota Kinabalu, they has been 23 year in the business. We heard they serve the best Japanese food in the town and I tell you "it was the best". Their unagi cooked perfectly!!!

Well, what I care is "good food" as in good in cooking and not just serve a good sushi. Cook with heart…LOL!

My burfday ma…so makeup is a must. Another post for the makeup because this was the first time I use blue shade eye shadow.

Hubby went crazy with me to do some stupid cam whore…ANTM style…SMIZE.

Me…act cute @@



Unagi Don


Chawan Mushi

Well….the benefit of staying at Kota Kinabalu is you can get the best and fresh seafood…look at the size of the prawn.

After dinner we headed to Waterfront for drinks and enjoying the ocean breeze.



Lil Jo First Visit to C.I.N.E.M.A

We have been struggling to bring or not to bring lil Jo to cinema to watch his favorite cartoon – TOY STORY. He watched Toy Story 1 & 2 and he knows the cartoon character very well. His favorite was Woody and tag line "To the infinity and beyond!"

For Toy Story 3, I have suggested to Hubby saying that I think we should bring him to cinema for the first time for his favorite show but our concern are would he be able to hold up more than an hour just sitting there and watch the show; or keep asking us with a lot of question with high volume, I mean talk loud and disturb the audience in the cinema

At the end we decided to bring him because the show is for kids (of course for us too) so don't worry if he talk loud because there will be a lot of parents bring their kids to watch the show as well. They will understand how kids behave too as long as we keep lil Jo in control.

So here, we brought him to the cinema for the first time!

He's like the popcorn…SWEET stuff.

How he behave? He's a good boy.



Friday, June 18, 2010


Ahhhhh……alien!!! It does look like alien.

Finally, I got myself a mini tripod – Gorilla Pod.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It’s My Birthday

Yes, I am a Gemini! It's my birthday! I received lot of wishes. My mom called me and said this to me "Happy Birthday" to me. In fact, I should be the one who call her first thing in the morning. She's the one who gave birth to me! You won't know, till the day you a mom.

Hubby celebrate with me on last Saturday because I will be working today then night time is for Lil Jo.

There was something funny during the celebration dinner.

Hubby asked: "What's your birthday wish?"

Me: "No. In fact, first thing in mind when I think of my birthday is – OMG! I going to hit 30's soon."

Hubby: "Wahahahah…."

Yes, LOL from him when he heard that even LOL from me.

Me: "Yea, I am serious, I never thought of 30 till today! Time flies…"



Some Stuff from SASA

Got some stuff from SASA last week. I have been looking for the Mandom Cleansing Express, the eye makeup remove I have been using since I moved back to KK. I have been running everywhere in the KK city to look for it. I bought the previous one from Watson One Borneo but they don't seem going to re-stock it same as SASA One Borneo they SA seem like don't know what I looking for. Finally and luckily, I got the Mandom Cleasing Express from SASA Warisan Square otherwise I have to spend more to get Lancome eye makeup remover.

Mandom Cleansing Express

Some surprise as well, I got the latest KATE Gradical Eyes palette which I have been waiting like "years"! Yippie, yippie!

KATE Gradical Eyes palette in GD-1

Besides that, I got the last bottle of Biore Cleansing Oil! I like the packaging somehow…maybe the light pink bottle. It's cheap MYR23! Worth to give a try.

Biore Cleansing Oil

I am still looking for Kao Liese hair products. Why it took so long to be here in Kota Kinabalu?!



Monday, June 14, 2010

Essie Collection

I know it has been some time I did not update on nail polish. First, I am working as a manicurist or you call it nail technician. It was so inconvenient to put on nail polish during my working days. All my nail polish will be smudge when I have to remove the nail polish on my customer nails…S.A.D. No worry, I gonna do acrylic nail in the future.

Although I can't show the nail polish on my fingers but I am still able to share the latest collection from Essie.

Essie Spring Collection

Essie Wedding Collection

Essie Resort Collection

BTW, if you like Essie and Nubar nail polish. There will be an anniversary sale!!! Go grab you favorite colour!



Soft and Puffy Curls with Stylerush Mini Flat Iron

Well, most of us using a thong to curl hair but there is a way where you can curl your hair using a flat iron! I have a curling thong too but I didn't even use it, I just don't have the courage to touch it. Don't ask me why.

Back to curling with flat iron, I discovered this method from the recent the Int' Beauty Expo during my last trip to Kuala Lumpur. There is a hair product brand Stylerush. It's a local company but it was run by Korean. What caught my eyes was the mini flat iron they selling. Their hair stylist was doing some demo there where they use the flat iron to curl hairs!

I told my sis straight away "I gonna grab this later!". After we mingled around the expo, I went back there to get the hair stylist to do a demo on my own hair. Then I grabbed one Stylerush Mini Flat Iron back home with me and there is a free gift on top of the purchase. Yay!

Stylerush Mini Flat Iron and the free gift!

Stylerush Mini Flat Iron comes in 3 colors! I go for the green one.

This is the size of the mini flat Iron. Good to tag along when travel.

OK, back to my apartment at KL….I tried to use the flat iron to curl my hair with my sister. The magical just didn't show like how it happens during the demo.

My thought "Oh no, I dumping my pennies into the sea gain?! *Doomp…*"

Until recently, finally I have discovered the way to create S-curl using the flat iron after few tries. Thanks to YuoTube!

My version of S-curl using the Stylerush Mini Flat Iron.

BTW, guys out there, you can use this mini flat iron to style your hair! I have uploaded a few video tutorials which provided by Stylerush Malaysia distributor.

Here you go.

If you are interested to get one Stylerush Mini Iron, you can pay a visit to:

Seung Jun Hair & Beauty Sdn. Bhd.

A-11-3, Jalan Selaman 1, Dataran Palma, Ampang, 68000, Selangor.

Tel: 03-4270 7542



Looking for accessories for your apparels?

If you're looking for authentic hand made korean bling blings... then look no further and ask me about my product catalogue!!!

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