Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I got a Chanel!

Just the logo…hopes I don't get sue from Chanel. Got this inspiration from a Chanel tote bag since I am still saving up for the very first Chanel bag but for the moment I want the logo to be on my netbook. What I did is to bling up a Chanel logo on my netbook.

Wanted to put on the rhine stone on my netbook for so long but I don't have a firm idea to start the drafting and then I saw a bag from Chanel. Alright, I am going to put on the logo on my netbook. Then went to dig out all the Swarovski I have but can't find a suitable size. I went to shop for some tools and materials for this project.

Here goes the tool I used:

  • Tweezer! Yes, a tweezer will do to pick the stone
  • Craft glue
  • Swarovski stones
  • The double-C logo. For shape tracing purpose.
  • Eyebrow pencil. To draw/trace the logo on to the netbook surface.

Well, I tried to use a normal color pencil to trace the shape but it won't work on smooth surface but something crayon will but crayon might be a lil too much for the tracing work. Found something similar to crayon which is eyebrow pencil. Did the work just nice and it will be easier to clean up the trace line after I done the "deko-den" art work. To clean it, use a cotton pad with gentle makeup remover to wipe off the trace line.

Do not use others that glue for craft purposes because some glue might destroy plastic surface. The one I used was G-S Hypo Cement which dries clear, will not bond fingers (excellent), with a pinpoint dispenser which is good when come to tiny rhine stone.

#1 Trace the logo on to my netbook.

#2 Start sticking the stone from the outline of the logo.

#3 Fill-in the logo with the stones once I finish the "blinging" the outline. DONE!

It took me about 2 hours to finish the project. You can try this on something which is not valuable first. After a few tries you will be familiar with the stone spacing and placing, then you can do it on your watch, iPod, mobile phone or anything you wish.



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