Monday, May 31, 2010

Sweet Night @ Prime

We went for a dinner as our anniversary dinner last Tuesday. Hubby likes steak so we went to a nice restaurant which serves good steak. Hubby just too excited when I get a table book for the dinner. He kept talking about the steak the day before the dinner.
Alright, I will not mention where we were heading for the dinner but showing you the photo first so be patient.
It's an anniversary dinner but I did not dress up for that. Yeap, I am not. A maxi dress worn to the pool site party a week before, that it's. Not even a pair of killer heel.

We get there earlier to escape the traffic in the central of Kuala Lumpur as we don't want to spoil the dinner with thinking about rushing to pick up lil Jo from the babysitter after the dinner. It's early, so we headed to the bar for a drink.
I ordered Black Russian. Well it does kick me off! A single malt for Mr. K.

Yeap, obviously it's mine.

Then…dinner's time!

Start with dinner bread. I like the almond bread.

Alright you may think that I am kampong girl but most of the restaurant did not serve you dinner bread. The restaurant served it with 3 different taste of butter spread with the choices of salted butter (the most common), the paprika flavor butter and the herb flavor butter.
The oyster but the size a little small.
Hubby favorite, wonder why he like oyster so much…is it because of the mens thing…? LOL

Dice Kobe beef with baked potato.
This is mine, recommended by the sweet waitress.

Main Course
USDA Prime Rib eye goes for medium rare.

I am greedy. Well it is all because I can't decide for the sea or land hence I go for
Surf and Turf – a lobster and a fillet mignon. Same for me, beef goes for medium rare.

I am definitely enjoying my main course.

Accompany with black truffles sauce (for the beef) and béarnaise sauce (for the lobster)!

Side dish – Truffles Mash Potato, Sautéed Asparagus and Ratatouille

I am full by this time but hubby insisted want to get a dessert. Wanted to try the crème brulee but the waitress said crème brulee might be too much so what else if not the-
Hot Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice-cream. The ice-cream serves with vanilla bean topping.

Hubby is pouring the choc sauce…OMG calories! Don't care.

This is hubby when he tasted the hot choc cake.

We spent a good time there!

Here is where we went for the dinner.
The Prime at Le Meridien KL Sentral.

The ambience with the open kitchen but I can't spot any handsomes in the kitchen because Hubby the most handsome guy in my heart! LOL.

Remember, call for reservation because it is full on the weekdays as well.


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