Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend with my sista

Spend a weekend with my youngest sister. Grab the last chance to hang out with her while I am still in Kuala Lumpur. She used to crash at my home last time before we moved back to KK and we have prepared a pink room (we paint it pink for her) for her to stay overnight. She's an Libra like hubby so they always like to make a joke of each other in their conversation.

My sister.

We went to the pool site to chat and it's a sunny evening. The sun was warm and nice.


We cam whore again and she is so in love with my camera yet hate it cuz she said everything on her face (advantages – young skin; weakness – pimple) shown clearly in the photo.

When she played around with my camera, she did some test shoot on a subject which is ME.

Her cam whore photos.!

A cute lil girl at the pool site, got the permission from her dad to take a photo with me. Then she's so excited to join us.



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