Friday, May 7, 2010

27 Dresses!

I like the movie…but I don't have 27 dresses…bride maid dress. No, I have not been asking to be a bride maid because I am the earliest one who gets married among my friends. This one, I won! LOL!

What I did...I bought 4 dresses which I have been looking for so long since the Spring season start.

#1 Lace dress or maybe a tank top!

#2 Bohemian style maxi dress. Can be wear as a long skirt as well.

I have been eying on it the day before I meet up with Candy and Miu, then I saw Candy wearing it so I got it right away because she said nice.

#3 Blue short dress for a special occasion. Blue theme needed hence this dress.

#4 Flora prints short dress. Top pick for this season.



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