Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nuddy Look with Elisha Coy BB Cream in Always Nuddy BB24

Nude look! Yeah…but it does not mean ZERO makeup on your face. Nuddy look mean u have to look like you have a good skin! Use natural shade of eyeshadow color.

I have read a lot that BB cream is actually the best thing to create a nude look. Unfortunately, I have tried a BB cream before and the shade seems to be too fair for my skin shade because most of the BB cream are from Korea or Japan and girls from those country have fair skin tone so in order to cater the Korea and Japan or Taiwan market, hence most of the BB cream mostly in fair shade. That's my thought. Since then I don't waste a single pennies to get anything with the word "BB Cream" or "Blemish Balm".

I got this Elisha Coy Always in Nuddy BB24 in order to get another cash discount voucher. I said I don't want to waste a single penny on BB cream so I bought a miniature size and I gave it to my younger sister and I don't even bother to try it.

AND I tried it recently when I back to my hometown last week and I feel so regret to give it away! Because it's so nice!!!

This is why! My skin condition looks nice with the BB cream!

And all this is because of the Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB24!

These are some stuff used for this look!

  • KATE Deep Eyes e/s palette in BR-2
  • Benefit e/s in pink but used it as blusher
  • And of course the Elisha Coy BB cream

I love the KATE e/s palette too but I bought it for my sister and I didn't get one for myself! I want to jump into the sea now….

Now more cam whore photos! Yes, I admit that I am narcissism. :p

That's my sis.



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