Thursday, July 21, 2011

Singapore Again

Pack up makeup and toiletries for the trip

These are the item for this trip. Try out a new product from L’oreal as well.

and Found out this see through storage bag is extremely good.

First, it is easy to wash and dry fast and secondly, the word “see through”…it is extremely easy for me to dig out stuff I needed when I can see where is it in the bag.

Cloth for my lil man done, I will be packing my cloth tomorrow morning.

Most importantly, I will see my man tomorrow evening.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Can Make A Difference

It’s about something I heard it from the Alpha Course organized by one of our parish ministry.
Tonight topic is actually about spread the Good News to others. I will not touch much about religion part but this one point is very true and it’s something we (most of us) have been ignoring or we not aware about.

There is story I heard from the DVD talk by Nicky Gumbel, a story about a boy who was throwing starfish on the shore into the sea.

“Thousands have been washed up on the beach and with the tide going out they are all stranded on the beach. A man sees the boy and tells him that he isn’t making any difference by throwing one starfish in the sea at a time as there are so many. The little boy picks up another starfish, takes it down to the sea and puts it into the water and says “it makes a difference to that one.”

[The above paragraph took from this website:]

Most of us will think that we can’t make much difference when we doing something right, hence most of the time we choose to no doing anything to help/contribute.

Let say, there is a piece of waste in the middle of the corridor, most of us will leave it there or pretend of not seeing it and walk away because your thought might be this :

“It’s just tiny piece of waste, it won’t be a huge difference to the environment if I pick it up.”

But if you do pick it up, you make a good example to your children and to others. Others do not do it, but if you do your part, it’s make a difference.

Think about it…try to put it in your daily life.

Have you done your part as an employer? Did you give a full day’s work in return for your full day’s pay? Have you done something for your society? Just some examples :)

Do not afraid you doing something right. Right as in not something for your own benefit.



Monday, July 18, 2011

This is me these days

It has been long long time.....things remain unchange include me...

ecxept that I am looking for job, a job in the office or put it this way...a job which allow me to have extra :)

Going out to trim my hair then going to church.



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let’s Talk About My Church Wedding

 Took at Sacred Heart Parish Center

It is my marriage rite, which I need to get it done before my baptism during Easter (last April).
A friend of my man came over to help us take some photo for the simple ceremony during our Rite of Marriage.

Uncle D, he helps a lot along my journey of catholic faith.

While waiting...

Here come....the tears!

Bless the ring.

I was too nervous and was crying that time and our witness has to remind me to say "Amen" and I put the ring on the wrong finger (for my man).

He is watching!

I am still overwhelmed with what was happening, my little man helps me to wipe off my tears.



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