Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have abandoned my blog space for a while. Browsing through my blog here and notice there’s a lot memory for the past three years, sad, happy, tough time, bitter, spicy, sour…ehhm tomyam soup… (:

There was no time for me to write and I have to confess that there are a lot of product review which is half way done and I never post it.
My current job which allow me to earn sufficient live in Sabah but I think I have missed out a lot of stuff which I like to do in the past, like what I said in my profile intro there is once I have gave up money to do something what I like but things change, especially when there is a need for me to change and to start everything over again.
The period of time when he need to get back to corporate to work at Singapore after he done his chemo and radiotherapy, it’s hard. It last a year whereby he only return every two months. Hard, and he is the only one earn for living. Thank God, I able to get an opportunity to link me to my current company, and I earn since last year. It’s nearly a year now to attach with my company, it is hard because I am the only person who need to take care the whole region here and it’s never  been easy for me, think positively and be able ready to take every single challenge. Well there’s never easy money, only hard earn money.
Besides career, family, I have not done enough for my lil man which I felt so bad about it, I have not enough time to spend with him especially weekdays.
 For myself, I have neglected my own need, both spiritual and physical.
So start from today, I want to go for my sport’s routine again, I want to get back to 48KG like 4 months back.
I want to be back to my bunch of peoples which I hang out when God send them to me a year ago.
I want to watch House season 8, continue Supernatural.
I want to blog again….there is a lot of photo which I took for my blog!!!
Ended with a photo when I crash….the ugliest moment of me.

My sick face two days ago. When my customer saw me two days ago…”Wah…you look so sick!”

And my happy face la…as ending instead of the sad face.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

With Him

Still dating him after five years of marriage....

Out for a drink with him today.

He is in the mid settling down my lil man

Enjoying the breeze with him after sending lil man home... :)



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