Sunday, February 28, 2010

[nail] essie Mink Muffs. Milk Choc!

Who want some milk chocolate? Let's dip some melted milk choc on your nails. essie Mink Muffs a smoke plush taupe was one of the color for essie Fall Collection 2009. What's the heck is 'taupe'? Taupe means grayish brown. I don't know what this word mean till I google it. Grayish brown color was one of the hits color during the last Winter/Fall beside gray.

essie Fall Collection 2009 - Mink Muffs

Under fluorescent lighting

Under normal day light

essie Mink Muffs remind me of melted milk choc color! Although the color actually lighter than milk choc color but it is still remind me of milk choc every time I look at my nails. Ehmmm…yummy!

If this post makes you crave for choc, Bon Appetite then! Enjoy the choc, one or two may not 'kill' :p



Oh Noooo….Oscillation again! Lancome Oscillation PowerFoundation

OMG, Lancome surprised me (or us) again! They came out something brilliant like the vibrating mascara (Oscillation Mascara) and now they applied the same concept on foundation – Oscillation PowerFoundation.

Lancome Oscillation PowerFoundation

When will it be available in Malaysia? Price at USD48.00, that's a lil pricey but I don't mind to pay for a good product just like the Lancome Oscillation Mascara (I already on the second tube).

So what it does? AIR BRUSH FINISH!

Saw Michelle Phan makeup tutorial using this power foundation as well. What I can see from the video – GOOD! Watch it HERE.

Can't wait for this product to lauch in Malaysia! When?!



Thursday, February 25, 2010

OMG! It’s broken, my new Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil

It's newly brought, used twice and it's broken! Imagine the 'pain' I felt when I saw the crime scene! Lil Jo did the crime. I brought this after I dyed my hair to a lighter color during my trip to KL, because I wanted a lighter eyebrow color to match my hair color. I bought it RIGHT AFTER I walk out from the salon.

Why I'm so sarcastic about a broken eyebrow pencil because all Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil will be sharpen by SU makeup artist when you get it from their boutique or counter. SU makeup artist will shape it into a "naginata" shape – style of Japanese sword to allow us to draw a fine line and natural looking eyebrow.

The 'naginata' shape.

Of course I can use some eyebrow pencil sharpener to shape it but it's not gonna be as user friendly as "naginata" shape. Hence I decided to take risk to shape it on my own!

This is the 'naginata' shape that I did it myself.

It's not as perfect as what the makeup artist did it for me but I have to try because there is no Shu Uemura counter at Kota Kinabalu yet and it's sound a lil over if I mail this to Candy so she help me to send it to Shu Uemura to shape it, right?! Although she said she could help.

I did a practice on the 'naginata' shaping using some normal color pencil.

This is a hexagon shape color pencil I used to do my 'naginata' practice

I'm going to get a rounded color pencil to practice!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yea, you hear me right! I’m using GATSBY Hair Styling Product.

Oh yea, you hear me right. I am using MENS HAIR STYLING product from GATSBY! And I like it so much the styling power and the outcome, AWESOME. My hair like moving rubber!
Well, I would prefer my hair to be short if you want me choose. Reason being, I found I look younger with short hair. But seriously short is not easy to maintain, at least not like long hair what u need is blow your hair and you OK to go out. Short hair is all about how you gonna style your hair. Otherwise, you won't be able to bring out the layer cutting done by your favorite hair stylist.
See below, you will know what I mean.

I cut my hair early this month when I back to Kuala Lumpur.

This is how I look after I walked out from the salon. I like it!

This is me after shower. Blowed hair without any hair styling product so my hair end up like a normal bob cut.

That's why I use HAIR STYLING product to have this look.

At least I don't waste my money to have the hair cut and the effort of my hair stylist.

SO HOW I style my hair?

All I need to do is tell myself, there is no short cut for you to look good or gorgeous! If I going out for dinner or date with Hubby, I will blow my hair then use some hair styling product to style my hair.

For hair styling product, I have been using my hubby's hair styling product since early this year which is this. GATSBY Moving Rubber series – Air Rise which is suitable for medium short length hair (perfect for me). Not familiar with it? Do you remember the Gatsby CM, where by the spokeperson - Kimura Takuya danced like a moving rubber?

Gatsby Moving Rubber series – Air Rise

Almost hits pan!

It's provide a light finishing and bouncy look as the name Air Rise, it do raise my hair and there is no unpleasent smell but with refreshing green apple fragrance!

What I did is blow my hair first then take a small dab of the product onto my palm, spread it evenly on my hand and apply it onto my hair and hair ends. But never apply the product at the root of your hair because your hair won't lift due to extra weight at the root.

Then DONE as what you see in the next few photos.

If you hair do colapse after some time or out of the shape, just use your finger to re-style it a lil.

Found out GATSBY official website has the pictorial to show us how to style our hair with their Moving Rubber series product.

The Moving Rubber series comes in 6 types of product to cater different needs like you want spiky look go for Wild Shake (purple one); you want perm finishing go for Loose Shuffle (orange one). I like the packaging! Colourful and makes me feel good when I look at it.

Come in 2 sizes – 80g and 15g (Handy size).

As for product price, I can't remember, you can check out from most of the drugstore like Watson and Guardian. Sorry because the product last me for a year.



Monday, February 22, 2010

Why No Chess allow in the café?

Went to get a bubble milk tea yesterday afternoon because the weather is melting me!!! Saw this notice in the café! I truly understood why PETS, PLAYING CARDS and OUTSIDE FOOD is allow in the café but why NO CHESS???

My yam flavored bubble milk tea with tapioca pearl (珍珠奶茶) from Yoyo Café. They have two sizes of tapioca pearl – LARGE and SMALL. They sell it bloody cheap here, MYR3.80 (add tapioca pearl). At Kuala Lumpur you need to pay at least MYR5.00 for a cup bubble milk tea, add tapioca pearl, you need to top up another MYR1.00 for it!

The weather was too hot so I have to wear like this, this is what I wearing to a yoga class so imagine about the weather now!

Did a makeup too by following the makeup tutorial from a Taiwan mag.

Cam whore in the bath room before I remove the makeup.

I am not naked by the way! If you wondering:D



Saturday, February 20, 2010

Woohoo…..! I finished it!

I have finished a whole bottle of body lotion. First time in my life time to finish a body lotion! Why I have been so determine and motivated to apply body lotion on daily basis? Because "ai sui" (mean want to be pretty in Hokkien) la! Actually there is another reason make me do so is I have been sleeping in a air-condition room every night!

I am not an air-cond person, hubby also same as me. When we stayed at KL, we never sleep in air-condition room because it is too dry and we are staying at a condo at 14th floor, cold enough to just sleep under the ceiling fan. So if you let me choose, I would not sleep in an air-condition room. Plus, I want to save electricity. But back to our home in KK, I have no choice because our room doesn't have a ceiling fan and we are not able to install one because of the house structure.

I found my skin are dry when after I move back to KK, I don't want to have an old lady skin at my age so what else to do? I picked up a bottle of lotion from the drugstore la.

Since I never finish my body lotion before, I pick up a small bottle of the following.

Johnson's baby softlotion 24hour moisture

Ok, I bought a baby lotion. I did not realize it until I reached home. When I saw the lotion, I thought it was the hit item I saw in Japanese mag - Johnson 24hour body lotion for ADULT! Never mind, it's still body lotion. I just kept my promise to apply the body lotion on daily basis to finish a whole bottle of lotion! Yes, I don't miss a single day until yesterday, I have finished it.

The result, satisfied! Hubby felt my skin become smoother and this 100ml body lotion cost me only MYR4.90! There are no ugly women, just a lazy one, I think it is true.

As the replacement, I picked up Vaseline healthy white Skin Lighthening Lotion at MYR13.00.

Will see how it's work.



Thursday, February 18, 2010

Outstanding! I Can't Hide My Eyes

I know, I know. Most of the invitation card from fashion and beauty industries is quite outstanding or special. Got an invitation card from L'oreal Paris 2 hours ago. My brother in law was the mailman; he brought it back when he's back from work. Hubby was the mailman too because he sent the mail to our room to me.

I have no idea what was it in the black color bag. I opened the bag and found a sun glasses. My thought, why sun glasses?! Then I flipped to the back of the card, it was actually an invitation to an event.

The black pouch.

The theme of the event – "Don't Hide Your Eyes". I will nor hide my eyes from you, L'oreal Paris. At least an invitation in this special way :)

Wondered what is the new product or the event about…..Can I make it? Gotta check the flight now.

One thing for sure, lil Jo like the sun glasses.



Kuala Lumpur!

I made a trip back to Kuala Lumpur early of this month, and I crashing at sweet Candy's home. Right after I touched down at KLIA around 7.30pm (my flight delayed), I went to Mid Valley to meet up with Miu from Plus Size Kitten while waiting Candy come to pick me up (Candy actually on the way back from Macau) and dragging my luggage in the mall. Then we had our dinner at TGIF, at The Gardens. It's actually not a dinner because it was like 9pm plus when we sat down in the restaurant. I think I have too excited because I almost spoil Tammy's iPhone, phew….lucky nothing happen to her phone! Otherwise, I have to get her a new one and there will not be any shopping for me for the next few days in KL.


Sweet Miu gave this to me! Something from L'oocitane! Muac muac!

Then more exciting thing, Wing able to make it to drop by to meet up with us! And we chit chat till the end of the business hour of TGIF, it was like 11pm plus?!

Candy drove to Mid Valley to pick me up right after she reached home. All I can say, I love you all babe, to make so much of arrangement for me!

OK, it hasn't end after I reached Candy's home because we chit chat till 4am in the morning!!!!

I found out where was her blogging habitat! :D

This is the guest room where I stayed.

This is Candy's room.

This is how I packed my toiletries and makeup.

Love this toiletries bag so much, it's from IKEA. Cheap and practical!

I always leave some essential items like tooth paste, hair/body shampoo, traveling size facial wash, makeup remover, cotton pad, Q-tips and etc in this toiletries bag so I don't have to look for those basic items in rush, especially last minute travel.

Skin care which I brought with me!

The SK-II miracle water is a must, die die I must bring it along!

More story about my trip to KL.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

[Nail] Juicy Plum with ‘kam’!

Muahahaha…."KAM" mean GOLD in Chinese. Since it was Chinese New Year and we Chinese like to wear something red and gold so I did this nails yesterday.

Items I used:

  • Nail Tek Foundation II Base Coat
  • Revlon Nail Polish in Plum Seduction
  • NUBAR Art Pen in Gold Glitter
  • essie good to go! Top coat. The best fast drying top coat.

Hope it will bring me some luck!



Happy New Year!!!

Happy Chinese New Year! May the TIGER bring you the good health and prosperity!

I have been busy to do my nails, last minute! And packing 'ang pao' packet. Lil Jo was so happy to help me do so although at the end I need to clean up his mess but I'm like to see him enjoy himself to help me….

Just came back from aunt house for a reunion dinner. I have been eating too much…gotta watch out my belly!



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