Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dating….with Him

Today I went out in the afternoon for a date…with someone I have "abandoned" last week, someone I love him the most previously until now. My love to him will never decrease (if you wanted to count it) but instead it's increase every day from the day I met him.





That's him…Hubby

Muahahaha…who else you think I'm dating.

(Photo took a year ago)

After his radiotherapy in the morning, we went out to the mall to "groom" my eyebrow and I looked for something I need the most for the time being and I got it from M.A.C! I need it to have a matching eyebrow colour with my current hair colour because I get my hair cut done and I dyed my hair to a lighter colour. Eyebrow gel is not common in Malaysia, it is not as common as in Japan and Taiwan. I don't want to have a weird brow colour.

It's a sunny day, I like the sun at Kota Kinabalu, feel so warm (not burn like Kuala Lumpur) when I get under the sun. Nice weather to go shopping at local market. Hubby need to get some fruits while his recovery (his emergency throat infection case).

The local market. Nice weather!

We grabbed a watermelon and some "jambu air". I don't know what we call the "jambu air" in English. Did some googling and found that it's known as Bellfruit (in Taiwan); wax apple or love apple. Hubby love this "jambu air" so much.

He can't even wait to taste it when we get home so he use some drinking water to wash the "jambu air" and eat it right away.

He said: " ohh…this is sweet and juicy!" and I took his and have a bit….OMG! Sweet and juicy! Taste better after a walk under the sun.

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Changed my toe nails colour to something ang ang (RED). Took this in front of our house. Same colour like the bellfruit.

After the market shopping, we went to our favorite tea time place! Fook Yuen Coffee Shop againnnn! I'm not insane but the kaya toast and "limong the ping" aka ice lemon tea is the BEST!

Oh yeah….Kaya Toast again.

Hubby, I love you and it was nice to have you to accompany with me! I like to gossip with you. Alright, if you reading this, I know you will say: "Enough, this is the sixth time you tell me this in a day!" But no way I gonna stop telling you that because I just love you. I'm glad to have you with me every day.

You were sick last week but I'm away to KL during the period. I'm so bad. But you have been a good husband to ask me to go ahead for my planned trip because you know I want to meet my friends so badly after 3 months we moved back to Kota Kinabalu. My trip to Kuala Lumpur last week was the first trip I travel alone ever since we get married three years ago. I felt something missing when I realized the passenger sitting beside was not you. You called me first once I touched down KLIA, I not even faster than you to make the phone call and all you did is asked me to enjoy my trip. I can tell you although I feel so happy when I meet up my friends in KL but at the end of every day, I told myself "OK, one more day closer to the departure back to Kota Kinabalu!"

You've been so nice to me, you always supported me whatever I do. You're my sunshine (I know this is lou tou) but you always brighten up my days. You always listen to what I say, You always tell me some joke when I'm moody, You always did some silly stuff just to make me laugh... You did everything of the above even you are sick right now.

That's why you are my husband.

Difference between husband and lover is husband is someone you can share everything and someone who willing to sacrifice and loves you no matter what condition you are. Lover is someone loves you and might not be able to make sacrifices for you.

(The above is just my thought. No offense to anyone)

I have no regret to go ahead with KL trip last week because if I did not go I will never know that you are so so so important to me and how nice it is to be around you. It's like I'm almost Valentine's Day on daily basis when you're around me!

Hubby, I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Lunar New Year!

(Written on 11.30pm, Tuesday, 9th Feb 2010)



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