Friday, February 12, 2010

Opps….I did it again! But I like the bob!

Yes, I did it again and again. I did it almost every 6 to 8 weeks. I addicted to do this but it's make me feel good! Ohh yeah….! I got my hair cut done again during my trip back to Kuala Lumpur at my favorite hair salon, Razor Edge at One Utama Mall by my beloved hair stylist, John.

I did something extra this time - DYE my hair to a lighter colour. It's has been sometime I have dyed my hair to a light colour. The last time I did it were 4 or 5 years back during my university time. Actually, I did not plan to do but my friend FFK me last minute to meet up with me at the evening time since I have nothing to do and no one can actually come out to meet me at the last minute 'appointment' so I decided to burn some time by dye my hair at the salon.

Alright, let's photo tell the story. I know I'm long winded like an old lady if I not stop writing.

Cam whoring in the ladies once I have done my hair.

Not purposely going to the ladies to cam whoring but I need to pee pee after 4 hours sitting in the salon.

This is John.

I asked John what I should tell the salon in KK if I wanna re-dye my hair in the future. He said: '12.3 and 6%'. I have no idea what '6%' mean.

Walking alone in the mall after I got my hair done.

Went to Forever 21 to look for some cloths and I tried these…

End up, I did not get any of those…..




Blogger said...

Nice hair - suits you !2 thumbs up!!!

Great New Hair - Great New Look - and Have a Great New Year!!

Shilka said...

That dress looks very nice on you! :D

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