Thursday, February 18, 2010

Outstanding! I Can't Hide My Eyes

I know, I know. Most of the invitation card from fashion and beauty industries is quite outstanding or special. Got an invitation card from L'oreal Paris 2 hours ago. My brother in law was the mailman; he brought it back when he's back from work. Hubby was the mailman too because he sent the mail to our room to me.

I have no idea what was it in the black color bag. I opened the bag and found a sun glasses. My thought, why sun glasses?! Then I flipped to the back of the card, it was actually an invitation to an event.

The black pouch.

The theme of the event – "Don't Hide Your Eyes". I will nor hide my eyes from you, L'oreal Paris. At least an invitation in this special way :)

Wondered what is the new product or the event about…..Can I make it? Gotta check the flight now.

One thing for sure, lil Jo like the sun glasses.



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