Monday, February 1, 2010

At the hospital now

Unfortunately Hubby's body temperature has not gone down since yesterday; Hubby was admitted to the ward 2 hours ago for a close monitoring on his fever. I need to cancel my trip to KL on the Tuesday which is tomorrow. I am disappointed because I am so looking forward to meet my friend during this trip but I have to stay beside him right now, he needs me.

He has been starting some treatment so far but body temperature still high, I can't do anything to help, let's the doc do his job. He is on a few drips now, three drips at the same time.

A few drips at the same time!

Hubby has not eaten anything since last night just a few cups of supplement milk. He can't eat because of the sore throat, serious one. Not even the pain killer which contained small amount of morphine can help to reduce the pain. Doc has started him on vitamin drips as well since he can't eat for the time being.

The doctor kept talking to us when he is preparing to collect his blood sample. Make us laugh. J

Since he can't eat so I ate his ward meal, this…. Taste? For me not so bad.

He done the chest X-ray (when I rush back to home to pack some stuff) and blood culture (awaiting labs report). I hope there is nothing serious.

I have no wireless connection in the ward and the hospital was out of single room, not sure if I can stay overnight with him.

I think I have dropped too much of tears, my eyes so dry and tired right now.

Continue drinking my "limong teh ping" aka ice lemon tea. Hubby said he has the carving for this so I went to our favorite tea time shop to buy this over, he just have a sip of it. I will finish it.

Written on 4.39pm, Monday, 1st Feb 2009.




caixiuxiu said...

Ken wil b ok...STAY STRONG...hugs!!!

Miu said...


I am praying for your speedy recovery!

Sherry said...

hope he gets well soon.

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