Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yea, you hear me right! I’m using GATSBY Hair Styling Product.

Oh yea, you hear me right. I am using MENS HAIR STYLING product from GATSBY! And I like it so much the styling power and the outcome, AWESOME. My hair like moving rubber!
Well, I would prefer my hair to be short if you want me choose. Reason being, I found I look younger with short hair. But seriously short is not easy to maintain, at least not like long hair what u need is blow your hair and you OK to go out. Short hair is all about how you gonna style your hair. Otherwise, you won't be able to bring out the layer cutting done by your favorite hair stylist.
See below, you will know what I mean.

I cut my hair early this month when I back to Kuala Lumpur.

This is how I look after I walked out from the salon. I like it!

This is me after shower. Blowed hair without any hair styling product so my hair end up like a normal bob cut.

That's why I use HAIR STYLING product to have this look.

At least I don't waste my money to have the hair cut and the effort of my hair stylist.

SO HOW I style my hair?

All I need to do is tell myself, there is no short cut for you to look good or gorgeous! If I going out for dinner or date with Hubby, I will blow my hair then use some hair styling product to style my hair.

For hair styling product, I have been using my hubby's hair styling product since early this year which is this. GATSBY Moving Rubber series – Air Rise which is suitable for medium short length hair (perfect for me). Not familiar with it? Do you remember the Gatsby CM, where by the spokeperson - Kimura Takuya danced like a moving rubber?

Gatsby Moving Rubber series – Air Rise

Almost hits pan!

It's provide a light finishing and bouncy look as the name Air Rise, it do raise my hair and there is no unpleasent smell but with refreshing green apple fragrance!

What I did is blow my hair first then take a small dab of the product onto my palm, spread it evenly on my hand and apply it onto my hair and hair ends. But never apply the product at the root of your hair because your hair won't lift due to extra weight at the root.

Then DONE as what you see in the next few photos.

If you hair do colapse after some time or out of the shape, just use your finger to re-style it a lil.

Found out GATSBY official website has the pictorial to show us how to style our hair with their Moving Rubber series product.

The Moving Rubber series comes in 6 types of product to cater different needs like you want spiky look go for Wild Shake (purple one); you want perm finishing go for Loose Shuffle (orange one). I like the packaging! Colourful and makes me feel good when I look at it.

Come in 2 sizes – 80g and 15g (Handy size).

As for product price, I can't remember, you can check out from most of the drugstore like Watson and Guardian. Sorry because the product last me for a year.



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Jean said...

last time I had same hairstyle like you, I use this green color gatsby too!! hehehehe~
But I'm very lazy to do styling, so after few weeks, I throw the whole bottle to my brother d..XD

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