Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to Sweet Home

I have been away to Kuala Lumpur for the past few days. Back to Kota Kinabalu yesterday afternoon, Hubby picked me up from the airport. We went to our favorite tea time spot to grab some light snack. I think my palate has changed ever since I move back to KK three months ago because food over here mostly are home cook style mean we use natural seasoning instead of MSG. I found that everything I ate during my trip to KL taste salty but my friend found the food taste just fine.

We went to Fook Yuen coffee shop for our favorite "limong teh ping" aka ice lemon tea, kaya bread and "niong taofu" aka toufu stuff with pork. I bet that once you tried you will never forget about the taste of food from this shop!

Me having my "limong teh ping".
Looked tired after two and a half hours flight plus I don't have a good night sleep at the hotel becuase they gave me a room with some electric panel issue. The room ventilation created noise pollution in the 2am midnight! :(

Our favourite "cha kei tiam" aka coffee shop in Hakka - Fook Yuen Coffee Shop.
Their biz...DAM GOOD becuase FULL HOUSE from 8am - 8pm!!!

Brought lil Jo with us, he probably dam hungry after woke up from his afternoon nap.

I slept till 8am something this morning, this kinda late for me because I usually wake up at 6am. Helper on leave today so I got to do some laundry and clean up the house but I usually did this as well when our helper around. I prefer to do something instead of just sitting and do nothing.

Went out for lunch and watched our (me and hubby) favorite TV show - Jamie American Road trip with some sweet treat bought from airport yesterday – choc cookies! Hubby said I'm evil becuase he can't eat and need to watch me eating those....

Sorting out those photos took during my KL trip now.




Miu said...

woah..did they upgrade u to better room?! since the room assigned to u is "noisy" at 2am.

Can bising bising there!!!

Joey said...

No upgrade cuz they are full house that night and I almost need to "fun gai" and sweet Candy became hot Candy as well :p. The most weird thing happen was I need to use my mobile phone to call the hotel operator instead if the phone in the room cuz it's not working......

Miu said...

omg.. this sounds like they gave u a "rosak room" coz there's no room to give u is it? u gotta record this down for candy to make a complaint.

That's no way for a reputable hotel to treat its guest!

what happen actually! why hot candy O_O

Joey said...

she dam HOT when the hotel told us, they release my room but we have guanranteed my room a week before. Candy even made a call in the morning of that day to confirm that!!!

If you release my room, what for I GUARANTEED my room?? =.=

aggie said...

I thought your last post said you cancel your KL trip cos have to take care of hubby? Guess hubby had miracle recovery?

Joey said...

miracle won't happen sometime, but his condition has been stable and he been a good husband and ask me to go ahead.

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