Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kuala Lumpur!

I made a trip back to Kuala Lumpur early of this month, and I crashing at sweet Candy's home. Right after I touched down at KLIA around 7.30pm (my flight delayed), I went to Mid Valley to meet up with Miu from Plus Size Kitten while waiting Candy come to pick me up (Candy actually on the way back from Macau) and dragging my luggage in the mall. Then we had our dinner at TGIF, at The Gardens. It's actually not a dinner because it was like 9pm plus when we sat down in the restaurant. I think I have too excited because I almost spoil Tammy's iPhone, phew….lucky nothing happen to her phone! Otherwise, I have to get her a new one and there will not be any shopping for me for the next few days in KL.


Sweet Miu gave this to me! Something from L'oocitane! Muac muac!

Then more exciting thing, Wing able to make it to drop by to meet up with us! And we chit chat till the end of the business hour of TGIF, it was like 11pm plus?!

Candy drove to Mid Valley to pick me up right after she reached home. All I can say, I love you all babe, to make so much of arrangement for me!

OK, it hasn't end after I reached Candy's home because we chit chat till 4am in the morning!!!!

I found out where was her blogging habitat! :D

This is the guest room where I stayed.

This is Candy's room.

This is how I packed my toiletries and makeup.

Love this toiletries bag so much, it's from IKEA. Cheap and practical!

I always leave some essential items like tooth paste, hair/body shampoo, traveling size facial wash, makeup remover, cotton pad, Q-tips and etc in this toiletries bag so I don't have to look for those basic items in rush, especially last minute travel.

Skin care which I brought with me!

The SK-II miracle water is a must, die die I must bring it along!

More story about my trip to KL.



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