Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yummy Raspberry Truffle from NUBAR

I wish I can have that…again it's all about nail polish not food. It has been quite some time I did not apply nail polish on my own most of the time my colleague will offer me their help. Today I am on duty at our nail bar at Shanri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa, I have no appointment for today plus I am ALONE there.

Again I feel wanna get dirty again…on my nails, I want to go dark shade.

It's always fun to discover a favorite nail polish from time to time. I found this Raspberry Truffle from NUBAR!
Raspberry Truffle – rich brown with deep red shimmer.

On my nails...sexay!

Since I am ALONE and no appointment so what I did is cam whore. Pale look cuz I am sick – flu again!

This is our Nail Bar at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lil Jo turns 3!

He's is 3 years old boy now! He is getting notty and notty every day. We celebrate his birthday a week earlier as I going to be away during his birthday and hubby away to Singapore as well.

Nothing much we do for him as we think birthday partay is not necessary as he dunno the real meaning of birthday yet so we bought his favorite chocolate cake from Sweet Daily to celebrate it after we had our usual dinner at home.
Heart Shape Choc cake

These are some photos I took for Lil Jo before we send him to school few days ago.

I asked him to pose for me….turn out with this look! LOL



Monday, September 27, 2010

What I have been doing for my KL Trip?

Go there work? It is not a business trip (I don't think I would use that work for my current job, too formal) but I went there to work for my ex-employer (although I only work for her for a week last year). Suppose to go there with my boss my I can't book a same flight with her so I flew to KL half day earlier than my boss. Lonely…..but I always enjoy the trip even though I am alone.

I am staying at a nice department of my boss. Like it to the max, I am the earliest one to check-in to the service apartment so I got the opportunity to pick my room except master room. For the first night I can't sleep well cuz missing lil Jo and I miss my bed back to KK so I end up woke up early and then did some housekeeping.
All white interior, I liking the light!

Bed room I have picked. Ignore my belonging. J

The "Jagung" view…at the night.

I went KL for this – BeautyExpo 10 @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Took these before I head to the convention centre on the first day of the expo…glowing skin cuz of good night sleep!

I am surprised that there are readers say "hi" to me when they visited my company exhibition booth! Happy happy me.



What’s On My Bed Side


Yes, the above two items must be place on my bed side table. Of course you can see there are story book for lil Jo there as well.

My customer always told me that, it is so "ma fan" (mean troublesome) to put on lotion before bed time and I will always tell them to place the body lotion and hands lotion on the bed side table hence you always see it then you will never forget to apply the lotion loooooo…

I am using Johnson 24 Hours Lasting Moisture Body Lotion and L'occitane Cherry BlossomHand Creme.



Thursday, September 23, 2010


Where I have been to lately? No update at all?
I am trying my very best to record my diary but I have been too busy for the past one week. I went to Kuala Lumpur to work for Beauty Expo 10 held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Too busy with family and work! The day before I fly to KL, lil Jo was sick and Hubby was not around (he at Singapore), I have to sent lil jo to clinic and waited for his turn to see the doc at 10am, I only manage to pack my luggage in the mid night before my travelling day. I am so o lucky have Ah Bing to send me to the airport when Hubby not around.

I booked evening flight, by the time I touch down KLIA, it was 8pm! Tired…and my friend cancels the date alst minute! FFK (fong fei kei) is not fun! But I know you gals tried your best to make it happen, after all it is quite tiring to go out till late during working days. :D

Ehm…waiting alone in the airport is not fun at all……….

Fortunately, Mr. Ooi able to pick me up from the airport and buy me teh tarik and roti bom at Nasi Kandar Kayu nearby SS2 before he send me to the palce I stay for the past one week. J



Thursday, September 16, 2010

OPI Fall - SWISS Collection

I have no time to write more about it. Our salon receive it about 3 weeks ago. Here are the photos and color chart.

I have to continue my work now!


POISE at WhiteHouse Kota Kinabalu

It has been such a long time I did not go out for a clubbing. I have no time yet I am a mom!!!!

Thanks to Dinoza, I have to chance to experience night life ever since I moved to Kota Kinabalu 9 months ago.

POISE at WhiteRoom Kota Kinabalu

DJ Eva T will be there!!!!!

See you there.

It will be busy day ahead for me. I am at Kuala Lumpur now  for an exhibition at BeautyExpo 10 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flush Your Eyes with ROHTO EYE FLUSH

We flush the toilet bowl after we used it otherwise it will end up with some disgusting floating inside, we don't want that happen. Same as our precious pair of eye!

We women usually will put on makeup like eye shadow, eye liner, mascara or some even false eyelash, please re-think did you ever seen anything black–ish stuff in your eye even though after you have remove all those makeup?! I do!

Look, make up raise me up during the date/event/clubbing!


SEE, I know the photo is really disturbing for some of you out there; again this is the cruel reality!

All those make up might had leave in your eyes if you just let it be, it might cause some eye infection.

Last time I used to use tab water to flush my eyes but now I have one more product that specially made to flush your eyes.


It comes with an eye cab to flush your eyes.

The cab design makes the eye flushing process easier than ever!

SEE (again), all those disgusting black-ish thing is floating in the cab.

Lesson, flush your eye! Especially, after you wear make-up.

This post reminded me I got this eye flush with a friend help. I know I still owe you!!!! I will look for you when I go to KL this mid of the month



Saturday, September 4, 2010

Henna Body Art

This is not something new for Malaysian. Henna is a flowered plant used since ancient time to dyed skin and hair or it is well known for the art of temporary tattoo from the dyes which extract from the plant.

Well I always wanted to do a tattoo but I have no courage to do so and it is a life time thing which I need to think, think and think again before I do it so a temporary one will be perfect for the time being.

Yesterday, I saw this Henna Body Art book from the class room (yes, we are one of the nail salon who provide nail courses) and I showed it to my colleague a body art which is very nice and thought of getting it done on some part of my body, I am referring to permanent tattoo. Then my boss saw us discussing that then she said why don't ask my colleague to help me get a temporary one, my colleague is good in art. So happen the other colleague owned got this Henna dyes so we decided to get it done we both free.

The book.

This is what I want.

The artist aka nail technician. She wanted me to keep her as a mystery, so let it be.

Let's start.

While waiting to get it done. I can't move not even laugh hor…leg cramp!

DONE! She did some modification...she is so creative!

I am so dam high lo when I look at it.
Thanks to my lovely colleague for helping me



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