Saturday, September 4, 2010

Henna Body Art

This is not something new for Malaysian. Henna is a flowered plant used since ancient time to dyed skin and hair or it is well known for the art of temporary tattoo from the dyes which extract from the plant.

Well I always wanted to do a tattoo but I have no courage to do so and it is a life time thing which I need to think, think and think again before I do it so a temporary one will be perfect for the time being.

Yesterday, I saw this Henna Body Art book from the class room (yes, we are one of the nail salon who provide nail courses) and I showed it to my colleague a body art which is very nice and thought of getting it done on some part of my body, I am referring to permanent tattoo. Then my boss saw us discussing that then she said why don't ask my colleague to help me get a temporary one, my colleague is good in art. So happen the other colleague owned got this Henna dyes so we decided to get it done we both free.

The book.

This is what I want.

The artist aka nail technician. She wanted me to keep her as a mystery, so let it be.

Let's start.

While waiting to get it done. I can't move not even laugh hor…leg cramp!

DONE! She did some modification...she is so creative!

I am so dam high lo when I look at it.
Thanks to my lovely colleague for helping me



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