Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flush Your Eyes with ROHTO EYE FLUSH

We flush the toilet bowl after we used it otherwise it will end up with some disgusting floating inside, we don't want that happen. Same as our precious pair of eye!

We women usually will put on makeup like eye shadow, eye liner, mascara or some even false eyelash, please re-think did you ever seen anything black–ish stuff in your eye even though after you have remove all those makeup?! I do!

Look, make up raise me up during the date/event/clubbing!


SEE, I know the photo is really disturbing for some of you out there; again this is the cruel reality!

All those make up might had leave in your eyes if you just let it be, it might cause some eye infection.

Last time I used to use tab water to flush my eyes but now I have one more product that specially made to flush your eyes.


It comes with an eye cab to flush your eyes.

The cab design makes the eye flushing process easier than ever!

SEE (again), all those disgusting black-ish thing is floating in the cab.

Lesson, flush your eye! Especially, after you wear make-up.

This post reminded me I got this eye flush with a friend help. I know I still owe you!!!! I will look for you when I go to KL this mid of the month



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