Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tea Time Snack

I feel want to eat so much after lunch today. Asked Hubby brings me to a place - Foo Yuen where a lot of KK people went for tea just now. I had the best kaya bread, "wo tie" - fried dumpling and the best fried chicken wing.

I didn't manage to take the photo of the chicken wing. OK, you might say: "That's look like just a normal food you can get anywhere!" but I tell you, it's the taste! Not the look.

Poor Hubby, he can't eat because he on strict diet.

Any friend come to KK in the future, I will bring you to this place.



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Something Sweet from Hubby

Hubby I love you so much! He brought me this when he back from Singapore after his chemotherapy on the Monday and I did not know that until yesterday morning.

Yay! Another perfume added to my collection - Britney Spears Circus Fantasy.

The story is I asked him to get me a Jap magazine from Kinokuniya, then he said he rather buy me something so asked me what else I need, I said nothing, nothing I need at the moment. Until the next day, he still asked me what I want when he at the airport, then I said: "Britney Spears perfume – Fantasy, the pink color bottle with crystal/rhinestone on the bottle." I saw this perfume on the net when he asked me.

He told me alright he will look for it. My thought, he's not going to have time to look for it because he going to boarding soon. Never mind, I just answer his question since he kept buzzing me in the MSN and text. It's actually OK if he can't get anything for me because he has been travelling for his chemotherapy for the past few weeks.

When he is back, he brings nothing because he said he was running out of time and not able to look for the perfume. He said he saw Chanel No. 5 but when he look at the price, his reaction: "So expensive!!!". Yea, Chanel No. 5 is really expensive, I know that and that's why I never ask him for that better he get me a Chanel bag. Alright, end of the story.

Until the morning of X'mas, he woke up right after I woke up. I felt a lil weird because usually he will not get his ass from the bed at least one hour after I wake up. Maybe it was X'mas.

Then the following conversation:

Hubby: "Pat (my BIL), wake up already?"

Me: "Not yet, why?"

Hubby: "Nothing"

Then I went to kitchen to take his medicine then sent it to him

He said: "BB….." (with something on his hand)

Yea, he didn't even wrap it and the package still in the airport duty free seal. I guess he don't have the chance to do it at home.

Britney welcome you to her world!

I was so surprise because he brought me the perfume I looking for. OK, although it was not exactly the pink bottle one but it's the latest perfume from Britney Spears perfume.

Hubby, you give me surprises. The first time he did was changing my phone to a new phone by borrowed my old PDA said he need to use it for a client demonstration. Then bring me a new phone when I back to home.

Hubby, I love you!

Any sweetest things happen to you? Share your story with me (us).



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Family X’mas Party

It was yesterday, we having a X'mas party at our home in KK. This is the first family gathering since we moved back to KK. Everyone from my in law family was here at our home. Hubby and BIL busy preparing food since early morning, in fact my BIL prepared the pasta sauce at the night before, midnight after the midnight mass. Suffering when I smell the pasta sauce from the kitchen because felt hungry in the midnight and can't eat.

While hubby preparing the food I have to stay up-stair with lil Jo otherwise he will keep buzzing his dad and uncle in the kitchen.

Our house is full of people and the cars are filled from our backyard until the front gate.

Everyone from my in law family was here except those uncle, aunt and cousin stay out of the country can't make it for this X'mas and they called back and say hi to everyone in the house.


Although the party at our home and I should dress up but no way for that because I know I will be running around with the kids and helping up a lil in the kitchen so just a simple make-up and casual wear will do. Simple make-up means foundation, eyebrow and mascara. I am not lazy ok but just need to be as comfortable as possible.

How you spend your X'mas holiday. I know back to KL Miu is having party last night, so sad I can't make it, I saw there was a lot of fun in the FB photo!!!



Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry X’mas

Merry X'mas! No more X'mas partying for me now but home party with family now! My home is having party right now. Pack down there!

Got to go down now! Third round (eating).

Happy Holiday, and Happy New Year!



Thursday, December 24, 2009

High price for a magazine in KK! Why?

I never have any problem to buy any magazine or books back in Kuala Lumpur but here in Kota Kinabalu caused me some hard time. Being a stay at home mum, my daily routines are basically take care my son, blogging and built up my online business. I only go to mall once in a while. So what do I do, reading lo, books and magazine. Magazine, every kind of magazine, Jap nails magazine, fashion/women mag, Nat Geo, Dsicovery, Reader's Digest (both English and Chinese version) and etc.

I never regretted to pay a lil to buys books/magazines because it's knowledge source. Why would I say it is expensive, I still remember my ex-colleague said: "Wah, Reader's Digest ar?! So expensive one wor!" (in broken english). Then hallelujah for you, in the future when your kid ask you something and you don't how to answer, what a shame! Beside that, I heard a guy stand beside me when I bought Reader's Digest said this: " So expensive ar? Just a small lil book?". Then don't buy condom, what a small little plastic thing cost you RM1+ (cheapo brand la) because you going to dispose it anyway, just use some cling wrap and do it! Cheaper alternative!

Cut the crap short, I just want you to know I not stingy when paying for knowledge. The problem in Kota Kinabalu is the book store markup the magazine price higher than the publisher suggested selling price! Not those MPH (we don't have it here), and I have not check out the magazine price at Popular book store yet. Book store here is refer to those small store selling magazine and newspaper like in KL most of them run by Indian kind of book store.

Prove it?! Nah…

For Chinese mag like Newtide, East Malaysia selling price is RM10 and they sell it at RM13.20.

Cosmopolitan HK edition October issue, selling price in West M'sia is RM8 and here you buy it at RM15.70.

A common scene you gonna see in the book store, a lady pick up the mag she interested and then put it back to shelf, less than 10 seconds on her hand so obviously she not reading the head topic in the topic on the cover. Why? The price la, a local magazine selling at RM30+, will you buy it? Not imported mag, is LOCAL MAGAZINE! Or maybe ship it to East Malaysia is considered as "IMPORTED"?

One more, hubby like to play pc game and pc hardware so guess what when he saw the MAX IT Malaysia Edition selling price over here. It's RM16.90. Dam! The publisher suggested selling price is ONLY RM7.00!

OK, I can just boycott it but what I need to do with my spare time?! I going to start subscribe the magazine on yearly basis directly from the publisher next year. Now I know why my bro in law subscribe the Nat Geo/Discovery mag directly from the publisher.

Save time, save petrol, save my saliva (of bithching about this)! And I might get some free gift like fragrance or cosmetic when subscribe those magazine directly from the publisher! Free gift worth RM145 -a Shiseido Maquillage Eyeshadow palette from Newtide!

I not being sarcastic, but why I need to buy at a higher price than what the publisher suggested selling price? Anyone who know the reason, please tell me.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Day Out to the beach!

Phew...another week. Be a stay at home mum is not easy! Went to beach, public beach – Tanjung Aru last week with hubby and lil monster but I hope it will be a real beach vocation at a private beach with my bikini on! Elaine babe, I hope you can come earlier!!!!

We so happy when lil Jo enjoy himself – playing with the sand! I guess he will not able to feel the sand by grabbing it and feel the ocean breeze back to KL unless we go to Port Dickson, nearest beach to KL city. Hubby and me grew up with the beach, Hubby from Kota Kinabalu and me from Kuala Terengganu, an east coast city where beach is something we see every day.

Before that, we went for something I like (last time) – ice-cream! Obviously, lil Jo like it because we don't give him junk food. But mama needs it because bad mood for the past few days need something sweet.

I think everyone went for holiday because only a few logon to IM. Happy holiday then!



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good mood…coz I got a hair cut!

Yupe, yesterday I'm in a bad mood because of the period but today is a happy day because I got my hair cut done. I can't stand if my hair is not in shape and NO for a bob hair style. I am so worried I can't get a good hair dresser like John – my hair stylist back to KL.

I have been asking around is there any good hair salon but you won't know until you get your hair cut. I decided to go to a salon call Modes, thank god at least they not disappoint me when hubby said "Not bad, still have the look and feel but of course you can't compare it with what John did la!". Hubby, I know that, I still prefer John if he can fly here to start his own salon here! But that will be impossible.

Good mood so cam whoring time!

Hubby is busy with his game and yes he is bold now.

I like the nail polish which I just bought – Plum Seduction from Revlon. I will be super duper happy if I going to sunny beach with this nail polish!

Simple makeup for the day out. But the pimple mark! Hate it.

I just like me in this angle.

What do you think about my hair cut? No different?! But I like it at least look tidy now :D



Thursday, December 17, 2009

In bad mood

Not that bad but you know when women mood swing easily when their period near. Went to the mall yesterday, if I am still in KL I will definitely call my shopping gang to accompany me but here will be hubby and lil Jo. Hubby doing great with his chemo treatment and we had good news from the doctor. Yay for that!

I have no intention to buy anything because it was Hubby wanted to go to the mall. He needs to get new earphone for my iPod. But you can't trust what we (women) said because I end up buying something. Just spend a little…

Two bottle of Revlon nail polish because it was on promotion, BUY 1 FREE 1. I like the purple one – PLUM SEDUCTION.

It's fun when the vanity with some colourful nail polish!

Then while walking around in the mall, saw MANGO was on VIP sale, I think back in KL there was nothing like VIP sale for MNG, right? Went in there because the store assistant said I can go in once I left my contact. Nothing caught my eyes because most of the cloths are for autumn/winter but this piece of sleeveless top with a BIG OWL on it. I like the sequins design. Most importantly, I got this at a good price. A really good one,usually shirt with sequins is not cheap. I meant a good quality one.

The owl said: "Hey you, come closer to look at me!"



Monday, December 14, 2009

Let’s warm up this holiday season with essie lollipop Winter Collection 2009

My nails has been naked for the past five days because I have no time to take care of them since I was sick and lil Jo broke his chin last Thursday!

Some spare time for me after hubby flew to Singapore for his chemotherapy treatment. I put on nail polish in the midnight!!! Thanks god, I have a fast drying top coat from essie good to go top coat!!!! Trust me, your nail polish will dry in 5 minutes time without any dryer so it leave you no bed sheet mark in the next morning.

This time I wanna go red again. and sexy! Using essie nail polish – lollipop (Candy Cane Red) from essie Winter Collection 2009. The colour is really sweet but maybe I have a tan/dark skin tone so deep red might suite me better than this! Still I like this candy red.

So if you have a fair skin tone, you must try this. Hear me, go have a try!!!

It is LIMITED EDITION! Like it order now! (from me :D)



Finally I got it! Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

I am 26 this year, although some people said I am still young because I have a two years old son at this age so they said I am young but I know that women skin will start aging when you are 26!!! AGING, I never afraid of this before but now I am 26 and next year 27! No no no, I can’t imagine how I gonna looks like when I 30.

So I start to look for anti-aging product now and don’t even dare to skip my daily skin care routine. Anti-aging product I never tried before and in my thought anti-aging product is expensive (now I know why they are expensive) so it is kind of hard to try it out, unless those counter generous enough to give you a suffice amount of sample to try out. So how to buy!?

Fortunately, I got this sample, Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair sample from an event, a 15ml size. Got the sample, try it out on the spot because it is an expensive product from Estee Lauder. The result? I like it! so I was in the dilemma, buy or not to buy? Buy because result is good not buying is because it is VERY EXPENSIVE! But I have been lucky enough because I got a gift from my ex-employer, a gift voucher from Metrojaya and that’s not all Metrojaya celebrating their 33 years Anniversary during the early October.

A 50ml size!!!!

What else I got the following EL Advanced Night Repair promotion set were some trial size skin care to tag along and a makeup pouch!

Aww!!!Animal print, I like it!

But of course I have to thanks to Von, without her help to get the counter manager reserve the set for me I won’t be able to grab it! I will use it once I finish my existing skin care!



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Party Nail: Sweet Candy French (I called it)

For those who likes sweet theme, here you go. I am using the latest collection from essie Winter collection 2009. Sweet candy shade of nail polish from essie for this holiday season. Would like to find out more about essie Winter Collection 2009, please go to here.

Stuff I used:

  1. Nail Tek Base Coat – as usual me using Foundation II (for soft and peeling nails)
  2. Natural pink nail polish – Rock Candy from essie Winter Collection 2009
  3. Apple mint nail polish – Apple Mint candy from essie Winter Collection 2009
  4. Gold glitter nail art color - NUBAR Nail Art in Gold Glitter (A113)
  5. Top Coat – essie super duper top coat
  6. Rhinestones – choice of color you like, but chose something red, green and gold for a X'mas look and feel


  1. Apply the base coat, wait till dry.
  2. Apply two coats of the pink nail polish, wait till dry
  3. Use the green/mint color nail polish to draw the French tip
  4. Apply the rhinestone. Method to apply the rhinestone please refer here.
  5. Use the gold glitter nail art polish to draw a line on the along the smile line of the white tip.
  6. Apply one coat of top coat.

Then DONE!



Sunday, December 6, 2009


Bored when hubby is away! BORED! Yea, I can do my nail but I did it last night. Post it up, not in the mood. Surfing around the cyber world, already did until I don't know what to look for from the Google.

I am in front of the pc now and listening to Madonna song from the album Confession On A Dance Floor and snap some photo using the "so lou gay" (please pronouns in Cantonese, it's refer to digital cam).

Yes, I am burning money now, the Lampe Berger, burning Lavender scent now! Don't care because I can sleep better!

Large monitor for Hubby best gaming entertainment, but he said not big enough! Huh...

Hubby's gaming gear from Razer!

Again his gaming gear!

My mango lip balm.

and me la

So what to do next!?



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