Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Party Nail: Sweet Candy French (I called it)

For those who likes sweet theme, here you go. I am using the latest collection from essie Winter collection 2009. Sweet candy shade of nail polish from essie for this holiday season. Would like to find out more about essie Winter Collection 2009, please go to here.

Stuff I used:

  1. Nail Tek Base Coat – as usual me using Foundation II (for soft and peeling nails)
  2. Natural pink nail polish – Rock Candy from essie Winter Collection 2009
  3. Apple mint nail polish – Apple Mint candy from essie Winter Collection 2009
  4. Gold glitter nail art color - NUBAR Nail Art in Gold Glitter (A113)
  5. Top Coat – essie super duper top coat
  6. Rhinestones – choice of color you like, but chose something red, green and gold for a X'mas look and feel


  1. Apply the base coat, wait till dry.
  2. Apply two coats of the pink nail polish, wait till dry
  3. Use the green/mint color nail polish to draw the French tip
  4. Apply the rhinestone. Method to apply the rhinestone please refer here.
  5. Use the gold glitter nail art polish to draw a line on the along the smile line of the white tip.
  6. Apply one coat of top coat.

Then DONE!




Jean said...

So lovely!!!!
I wan it on my nails too!XD
wait I got free time then try DIY first..but I have not much blink blink..where can get cheap and nice one?

Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

Nice! Can demo on my nail next time??

Joey said...

Jean,if you have budget constrains you can get it from those booth in shopping centre, or you can try to look around in sg. wang.

Candy babe, ok no problem, will do it for you when i back to KL

Miu said...

i'm so jealous..

i found out i'm not a nail person.. i just can't do the same things u do T_T or even do them nicely..

it's a SKILL!!!!! arghh....

love ur crystals :D

wintergurl said...

love this .u r creative :)

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