Saturday, December 26, 2009

Family X’mas Party

It was yesterday, we having a X'mas party at our home in KK. This is the first family gathering since we moved back to KK. Everyone from my in law family was here at our home. Hubby and BIL busy preparing food since early morning, in fact my BIL prepared the pasta sauce at the night before, midnight after the midnight mass. Suffering when I smell the pasta sauce from the kitchen because felt hungry in the midnight and can't eat.

While hubby preparing the food I have to stay up-stair with lil Jo otherwise he will keep buzzing his dad and uncle in the kitchen.

Our house is full of people and the cars are filled from our backyard until the front gate.

Everyone from my in law family was here except those uncle, aunt and cousin stay out of the country can't make it for this X'mas and they called back and say hi to everyone in the house.


Although the party at our home and I should dress up but no way for that because I know I will be running around with the kids and helping up a lil in the kitchen so just a simple make-up and casual wear will do. Simple make-up means foundation, eyebrow and mascara. I am not lazy ok but just need to be as comfortable as possible.

How you spend your X'mas holiday. I know back to KL Miu is having party last night, so sad I can't make it, I saw there was a lot of fun in the FB photo!!!




Sherry said...

nice to have family reunion and gathering :)

Toothfairy said...

Looks like a fun family christmas time! I love spending the holidays with my family as well!


Miu said...

T_T my party is like yours punya dun sad loh... if i got $$ i make it into circus... that's what i call fun!!!

Merry Christmas Joey :)

a family get-to-gether is the best!!

Shan said...

mine was celebrated with family members too. had a simple lunch at my aunt's place. everyone gather together n enjoy the food, as simple as that. but sometimes, the simplest things are the purest :)

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