Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Party Nail: Midnight Blue using Essie Midnight Cami

As promised I will do a few more party nail designs for this party month. I still go for dark nail polish using Essie Midnight Cami (697b) from their Fall Collection 2009. It is a shimmering deep blue. Midnight Cami is similiar with the limited edition nail polish Capri Blue which Essie specially created for Mercedes Benz tomatch their methallic Capri Blue car paint. Again let's rock with deep nail polish! Like it!

Need more bling in the club?! Add some rhinestone on it, more bling get the Swarovski non hot-fix rhinestone!

Stuffs I used:

  1. Nail Tek Foundation II – the base coat
  2. Essie nail polish – Midnight Cami (item# 697b)
  3. Essie super duper top coat
  4. Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil
  5. Rhinestone – colour? Choice of your favourite. For contrast effect use gold and crystal/crystal silver one
  6. Rhinestones picker or you use the wooden picker. You can use wooden picker but I found using the one in the photo is easier.


  1. Arrange the pattern you want on the table before you stick it on your nail
  2. Apply the base coat
  3. Apply two coats of nail polish.
  4. Apply a little amount of top coat on the area you want to stick on the rhinestone. Then pick up the rhinestone and place it on the top coat and press down slightly. Do this fast before the top coat dry
  5. Apply one coat of top coat over the entire nail.


You can apply one coat of top coat every couple of days. It helps to re-seal the rhinestone.

Happy DIY!




Jessying said...

Nice one !!! This definitely match my Lunasol's palette!!!

Jean said...

Love the nail art!
my finger is not long enough to carry pretty nail art..>.<
When I do my nails nicely, it's like old woman hand with young lady fingernails..XD

Joey said...

Jean, you a fair skin so if you saying you have a short nail then you can buff it to a nice shape first and choose a light colour polish like pink, or coral red colour that will make your nail plate looks bigger. When your hand with nail polish you will take good care of it natirallyn (without "breaking" it) then you can keep the desire nail lenght> I used to have a short nail too

Joey said...
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Miu said...

wow this definitely match Twilight: New Moon movie & it looks like buaya wing's lunasol palette too AHHAHAHA. Also looks like the bindi on my stila 24carat lipgloss!!! wonder what else it looks like hmm.. anyway

:) nice crystals.. i like bling bling a lot!

Joey said...

Miu, I think anthing I saw inspired me. I guess I need to read more mag for more inspiration

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