Thursday, December 17, 2009

In bad mood

Not that bad but you know when women mood swing easily when their period near. Went to the mall yesterday, if I am still in KL I will definitely call my shopping gang to accompany me but here will be hubby and lil Jo. Hubby doing great with his chemo treatment and we had good news from the doctor. Yay for that!

I have no intention to buy anything because it was Hubby wanted to go to the mall. He needs to get new earphone for my iPod. But you can't trust what we (women) said because I end up buying something. Just spend a little…

Two bottle of Revlon nail polish because it was on promotion, BUY 1 FREE 1. I like the purple one – PLUM SEDUCTION.

It's fun when the vanity with some colourful nail polish!

Then while walking around in the mall, saw MANGO was on VIP sale, I think back in KL there was nothing like VIP sale for MNG, right? Went in there because the store assistant said I can go in once I left my contact. Nothing caught my eyes because most of the cloths are for autumn/winter but this piece of sleeveless top with a BIG OWL on it. I like the sequins design. Most importantly, I got this at a good price. A really good one,usually shirt with sequins is not cheap. I meant a good quality one.

The owl said: "Hey you, come closer to look at me!"




Jean said...

I always have a feeling for owl's thingy! Love the shirt!

hope ur mood will swing back to good mood soon!

BeverLy's Secret said...

You have beautiful nails~~

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