Monday, December 27, 2010

Roonies, Roonies...M.A.C.A.R.O.N!

I have been looking for this French dessert for so long around KK but NO, not a single tiny one!

Finally, I got to taste it today! Woohoo….好幸福! I am so lucky cuz I was thinking about the taste macaron last night and so happen I was chatting with Chef Dom yesterday…Chef Dom was the chef from Party Play!

I asked him if he know how to make macaron. He told me that is not a problem to make it just that he not sure if he able to make it with his pizza oven and he will try to make it today.

OK, I did not force him to make it but it was one of his hobby to make something….nyek nyek nyek… I am so evil. I know….

So this afternoon I was sitting in front of my pc whole day while accompany my lil man, I am off today so I have nothing to do except watching movie, surfing around the net and do colouring works with my lil man, play with him with his new toys that he got it as xmas pressie.

I did my house cleaning in the very very very early morning….just in case you wondering.

Back to my ROONIES'S story!

Then I saw Chef Dom login to FB….I popped the question to him
"macaron macaron????"

He did not reply me……so my thought…no macaron to eat lo.

Sad….cuz I love to eat sweet stuff recently…

Eih…wait…my story have not ended…(Obviously…)

Then in the late evening….when I stick my buttock in front the pc again….I saw Chef Dom FB message…

He said "DONE!!! Strawberry flavor!"

Yippie….i told him I will go there later…..

Although I kept thinking about the macaro….I still dropped by some place to have a drink with my colleague first before I headed to Party Play…..but still my mind is full of the PINK COLOR MACARON!!!!


Now, I at Party Play while I writing this post of MACARON! While enjoying my macaron!

With a cup of hot latte!

My man asked me: "How's your roonies!"

(Yes, I am IM-ing while I eat those roonies)

Of course I enjoy it but again roonies are high in sugar content so….I better stop eating roonies now…I already finish half jar!

Need to get the bill soon! y lil man waiting me at home.

Bye bye….I gonna have a sweet dream later tonight.

BTW, Chef Dom said he can do it with pre-order! Call Party Play for enquiry!



Sunday, December 26, 2010


My journey started this year, some of you might know which "journey" I am referring to. X'mas is meaningful for me this year. Not just about feast for me but still eating feast has to be one of the agenda during Xmas :p
My man missed his flight back to KK and then flight delayed. I waited till 10pm to pick him from the airport.

Then headed to Party Play straight from airport for supper instead of dinner. Dom told me that he thought we are not coming for dinner.

I am not a wine person…two glasses of it got me kill….moral of the dinner, NO WINE for me if I am out alone!

X'mas eve…I have to work…but customer not as pack as we thought. Then on the night we went to  aunt home for dinner.

Fooooods….not something fancy but but but Aunt. L is one of the best cook in the family.

My man got bully by the twin sista and my lil man.

After dinner at Aunt. L home, again we headed to Party Play for the Xmas special dessert – Chocolate Tart! The precious moment with my man and lil man!

Lil man enjoy his chocolate milk shake!

We attended the X'mas Mass in the morning then we having a luncheon party at our home…happy happy!

Night time, RCIA mate come over to my home…

Today, my man has to be at the airport …fly back to SG again. I really hate this; I am so moody for the whole morning! My man know why I being moody. Now, me and my lil man have to wait till Chinese New Year to see him again.

Happy Boxing Day!

The best gift of the life will not be something material. Hope, you all knows that…everyone know that but you will not be realise (not much of us) that till the day when you experience it.

There is one person I know...she is a mom for a girl. Not married, single mom. She did not realize that she can do so much of thing to raise up her daughter happily, she don't know there are so much of things she can do in here life...she also don't know that MONEY is not everything.

Pray for her although I really don't like her. I know I am bad....



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A week of challenge! Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest Mask

Pimples attacking me like crazy…my hand just can't help to stop pinching them hence there are pimple marks left on my face. Dullness attacking me to…oh my goodness…hell no I going to celebrate the festive season like this!

My man said I am too stress cuz been worried too much…..yea maybe. Personal matters and maybe sometime work stuff…

I wanted to do a lot a lot of mask to recover back…I bought a box of Beauty Diary Bird's Nest Mask

and I gonna put it on 7 days challenge and see how it goes…mean every night I have to be like this.

My lil man don't like it how do I look with the sheet mask and ask me to take away the sheet mask while I lay down on the bed with him. He said I looked like monster.

My man coming back tomorrow!!!

One more thing to get for X'mas, a X'mas sock for my lil man. Last week, he took my cozy night sook and stuffed it with his toy, I asked him why he did so, lil man told me "It's X'mas sock". He learnt that from the Penguins from the Madagascar cartoon series.



Monday, December 20, 2010

RCIA’s Xmas Party

It was yesterday, after the class we all went to makan-makan before the holiday.

Me and Stef brought a fruit cake which I ordered from my aunt. We finish the whole 2kg fruit cake. Gonna say this here "Aunt. L, everyone said it's nice, the best ever the taste in KK"

Secret Santa….

Mr. O got these…we kept guessing who was the secret Santa.'s Oral B...good ooo

Who brought the white photo frame??? I got that and I like it!

One of the facilitator got the most meaningful gift from one of the secret Santa…a photo of RCIA's group photo!

Uncle. D called me up during the sharing session….I cried when I was up there. Sorry yea…if I have make you cry!

Mr. O, you just like kid…..counting the candies.



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock! Let’s Rock at Party Play!

Let's rock your X'mas eve at Party Play!

Party Play was one of my favourite restaurants ever since it's soft launch during last November. I like their Chocolate Fondant to the max

Party Play had come up a X'mas Set Menu.

Check it out….and you will stand a chance to win 2 AIR TICKET TO MACAU when you ordering the X'mas Set Menu!

OMG! Add another RM30 for FREE FLOW WINE/BEER…..shhhh, don't let my man see this!

Obviously, he will see this.....



Monday, December 13, 2010

This is SHORT lo!

This is what you call "SHORT"!!!

Went to the salon to get the color done....can't stand the dark root!

Then my hairstylist chop off my hair again but I don't mind that cuz she really good in that!

Looks like Rihanna's style, kan?



Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's in my finger tips!

Took this photo before I leave the hotel! Sunset!

It's in my finger tips!



My mood is not black! OPI Suzi Skis on The Pyrenees

Bored to the max! STAR is under renovation project, not much of guest staying here so it will be only one staff on duty everyday at the salon…it's my turn. No guest and nothing to do after I have done all the routine work!

Nothing much to do unless I playing around with my own nails. Colouring time!

Pick a color…my mood wanna go for something dark but NOT BLACK!

Which bottle got my attention? OPI Suzi Skis On The Pyrenees, a deep blue grey!

Moody these few days, a lot of unhappy incident….the worst the same person kept back stabbing you for something you have not done! These peoples are pretty good in making up story I am wondering why they don't show this talent into movie script writing or some novel writing???? The story created by these peoples should be interesting!

No worry, I will pray for these peoples everyday!

I feel wanna have Korean food for dinner. Still looking for someone to have dinner with me. I need to breathe!



Friday, December 3, 2010

Super Excited with the Super News about the MAGNUM SuperFilm Mascara from Maybelline

I am so in love with the Maybelline Hello Kitty Mascara. It's has been few months, I am still using it every day!
 because it give me this kinda of lashes!

Receive an email from the PR about a new mascara will hit the rack in January 2011!


24H Smudge-Proof Magnum Volume.
Instant Warm Water Removal.

Collagen formula + Magnum brush plumps lashes one by one for
SUPER 24HR Smudge-proof
SUPER EASY Warm Water Removal

Availability in January 2011
Price at RM 35.90



Soft and Peeling Nails *Yikes* NAILTEK Hydartion Therapy II


Hate soft and peeling nails, I had that and it became worst after I did gel or acrylic artificial nail. The condition not just become worst after the removing the artificial nails, yet the pretty artificial nails just don't last as I have a really soft and thin nails!

I need a nail strengthener for the rescue.

Last year,I bought a bottle of nail strengthener, NAIL TEK FOUNDATION II and I had finish it. Now, I am using another new product from NAILTEK, Hydration Therapy II.

NAILTEK Hydration Therapy II

This is different than the Foundation II. Foundation II is adding protein to your nail (in the layman word) but Hydration Therapy incorporates with pure water to maintain a natural moisture balance within the nail and nail bed.

This exclusive hydrating formulation contains a super canggih (high tech) molecule called PENTAVITIN, a unique "water magnet molecule" which prevent moisture loss!

Let see my nails condition
(These photos were taken a week ago.)


Soft…super soft!

After a week of usage.

I just used once as I only change my nail polish once a week and am lazy to use it on daily basis.

I give u a comparison,
BEFORE: Left, AFTER: Right

Can tell there is improvement! Those minor peeling area etting better.

This is what you get with the application of the Hydration Therapy II. Glossy

FYI, Hydration Therapy comes in 4 different formulas to fit different nail condition. You pick the one fits you according to the number:
I:    for strong, healthy nails
II:    for soft, peeling nails
III:    for dry, brittle nails
IV:    for difficult, resistant nails

Yes, you can get a nail strengthener to maintain your strong and healthy nails.

Want to get one for yourself? Ask your manicurist about it!!! Tell them, I want to try NAILTEK nail strenghthener.



Looking for accessories for your apparels?

If you're looking for authentic hand made korean bling blings... then look no further and ask me about my product catalogue!!!

Email me @ joey[dot]gossips[at]yahoo[dot]com