Monday, December 27, 2010

Roonies, Roonies...M.A.C.A.R.O.N!

I have been looking for this French dessert for so long around KK but NO, not a single tiny one!

Finally, I got to taste it today! Woohoo….好幸福! I am so lucky cuz I was thinking about the taste macaron last night and so happen I was chatting with Chef Dom yesterday…Chef Dom was the chef from Party Play!

I asked him if he know how to make macaron. He told me that is not a problem to make it just that he not sure if he able to make it with his pizza oven and he will try to make it today.

OK, I did not force him to make it but it was one of his hobby to make something….nyek nyek nyek… I am so evil. I know….

So this afternoon I was sitting in front of my pc whole day while accompany my lil man, I am off today so I have nothing to do except watching movie, surfing around the net and do colouring works with my lil man, play with him with his new toys that he got it as xmas pressie.

I did my house cleaning in the very very very early morning….just in case you wondering.

Back to my ROONIES'S story!

Then I saw Chef Dom login to FB….I popped the question to him
"macaron macaron????"

He did not reply me……so my thought…no macaron to eat lo.

Sad….cuz I love to eat sweet stuff recently…

Eih…wait…my story have not ended…(Obviously…)

Then in the late evening….when I stick my buttock in front the pc again….I saw Chef Dom FB message…

He said "DONE!!! Strawberry flavor!"

Yippie….i told him I will go there later…..

Although I kept thinking about the macaro….I still dropped by some place to have a drink with my colleague first before I headed to Party Play…..but still my mind is full of the PINK COLOR MACARON!!!!


Now, I at Party Play while I writing this post of MACARON! While enjoying my macaron!

With a cup of hot latte!

My man asked me: "How's your roonies!"

(Yes, I am IM-ing while I eat those roonies)

Of course I enjoy it but again roonies are high in sugar content so….I better stop eating roonies now…I already finish half jar!

Need to get the bill soon! y lil man waiting me at home.

Bye bye….I gonna have a sweet dream later tonight.

BTW, Chef Dom said he can do it with pre-order! Call Party Play for enquiry!



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