Sunday, December 26, 2010


My journey started this year, some of you might know which "journey" I am referring to. X'mas is meaningful for me this year. Not just about feast for me but still eating feast has to be one of the agenda during Xmas :p
My man missed his flight back to KK and then flight delayed. I waited till 10pm to pick him from the airport.

Then headed to Party Play straight from airport for supper instead of dinner. Dom told me that he thought we are not coming for dinner.

I am not a wine person…two glasses of it got me kill….moral of the dinner, NO WINE for me if I am out alone!

X'mas eve…I have to work…but customer not as pack as we thought. Then on the night we went to  aunt home for dinner.

Fooooods….not something fancy but but but Aunt. L is one of the best cook in the family.

My man got bully by the twin sista and my lil man.

After dinner at Aunt. L home, again we headed to Party Play for the Xmas special dessert – Chocolate Tart! The precious moment with my man and lil man!

Lil man enjoy his chocolate milk shake!

We attended the X'mas Mass in the morning then we having a luncheon party at our home…happy happy!

Night time, RCIA mate come over to my home…

Today, my man has to be at the airport …fly back to SG again. I really hate this; I am so moody for the whole morning! My man know why I being moody. Now, me and my lil man have to wait till Chinese New Year to see him again.

Happy Boxing Day!

The best gift of the life will not be something material. Hope, you all knows that…everyone know that but you will not be realise (not much of us) that till the day when you experience it.

There is one person I know...she is a mom for a girl. Not married, single mom. She did not realize that she can do so much of thing to raise up her daughter happily, she don't know there are so much of things she can do in here life...she also don't know that MONEY is not everything.

Pray for her although I really don't like her. I know I am bad....



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