Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Essie Winter Collection 2010

Winter....ehm we don't have it here but who care if you put on those gorgeous winter shade on your nails or eyelids??

Essie Winter Collection 2010

Sexay color!


Monday, November 29, 2010

No enough sleep or what?!

Tons of things to post! I usually go to bed early recently, don't even have the time to skype with My Man so don't mention about blogging.

But why my acne still popping out non-stop! I had enough sleep for sure!

Why, why, why???? I pretty sure I cleanse my face properly at the end of the day. L

I have a very short hair now; skin condition has to be superb good otherwise no place to hide the ugly one….



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Perfume I Heart Recently, Flora by Gucci

Bought this perfume at KLIA during my last trip to KL.

The scent is so light, clean and fresh….beautiful. I know I should not use "beautiful" to describe the scent but I feel beautiful when I put on this perfume. Ooi sei….

I think this perfume is suit for day use. Night, I prefer something sexy :p

Flora by Gucci

There is a guy friend of mine asking me about this perfume. He asked me if I using a flora scent perfume. I hope it mean this perfume suit me well, when he asked me that. If not because of him, I almost forget to write something about this perfume.



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

World AIDS Day with The Body Shop

Please do not look at those people who have been attacking by the virus, HIV differently!

In conjunction with World Aids Day this year, The Body Shop together with PT Foundation have joined hands in the hopes of remembering those who have lost their lives to HIV/AIDS and in bringing about awareness to the community at large.

Lending their voices to support this cause are local celebrities who are passionate about the issue and are sending out personalised messages in the hopes that more people will sit up and take notice and be aware of the disease.

The public are encouraged to do the same for the campaign by sending personalised messages by uploading their pictures and messages at www.thebodyshop.com.my or http://www.aidsaware.ruumz.com/ in the hopes that we collect 13,000 signatures to commemorate the lives lost.

Show your support as well by purchasing limited edition desktop calendars of your favourite celebrities at selected The Body Shop stores. All proceeds from the calendars will go to PT Foundation for their work in HIV education, prevention, care and support programmes for the marginalized communities most affected by HIV/AIDS since 1987.

When, Where?

25th November 2010 at 6pm, Centrecourt at Fahrenheit 88, Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Spread your care :D



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last Night

3 days in the row no customer, so I go off earlier from work and back home.

Have my dinner, then back to bedroom to spend time my lil man. Then bed time.

Got some new products from L'oreal Paris, as usual, go through all the media release.

Then before bed time, my lil man wanted to camho.

While we were sleeping, My Man must be enjoying his trance music in a underground trance club.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*bucks X'mas Drink

Starbucks X'mas Drink again.

I am awake early yesterday morning, 6pm! Yes, the sunrise time is 6pm here, an hour ealier than West Malaysia.

Woke up, browse net, get my Lil Man wake up. Had breakfast with him in the bedroom. The prepare and head to work!

Before I get out from my house called my co-worker to ask if they are having breakfast. They had it already at kopitiam No. 10 at Lintas which is famous for their bun bun! they ask if they can get me anything, obviously BUN.

Nope, I just had roti at home!

Then when on the way, *bucks X'mas Drink on my mind so drove straight down to the KK city to get a cup of Peppermint Mocha.

Then I called my co-worker to get me a crossaint from kopitiam no.10. I can get it from *bucks but it's way more expensive than the one selling at kpitiam no.10! Crossait from kopitiam no. 10 is way more yummy and the size is HUGE!

I was thinking to get the deer for my Lil Man but he don't like soft toy anymore.

Game...spot the deer!

My X'mas wish for this year, My Man can come back from Singapore to celebrate Christmas with us!

and get me a HTC HD7 and a XBox Kinect for my Lil Man!



What a Beautiful Italy

Nope, I have never been to Italy yet. Not that lucky.

But went to a restaurant called "Bella Italia" at Jesselton Hotal, Kota Kinabalu at Gaya Street.

Bella Italia means Beautiful Italy

I went there last month before My Man fly to Singapore, a dinner with of my men…nice kan, two handsome had dinner with me.

Nice ambience

While we were waiting for our foods………we did these.


I like Jazz recently. My favourite singer for the time being is Lisa Ono.

A boutique owner recommended me the song from Lisa Ono.



Monday, November 15, 2010

Woah….Party with food 3 days in the row!

Partay with food at Party Play 3 days in the row! Till the waiter address me as "The one who like to come here everyday"
Hey…the chef must be happy to see a return customer :p
I went there second time with My Man on the night before he return to Singapore.

My 2nd visit…not in mood to take photo because I am super hungry!
The only things I remember to do is pray before eat, then eat.

Don't ask me why My Man so.....he said he purposely did that. Ok, I will post it.

My 3rd visit…with co-workers.
I am sick…love's sick! Hubbies back to Singapore feel so down when he is away again, so my colleague asked me to join them for dinner.

Linguini Bacon Carbonara

Party Platter
You can pick any four starter from the menu to create your own platter


Dessert time.

After the dinner, we head to South Sea Sanctuary for a body massage. Boss belanja...Yay!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!!

I go for the boy haircut!!!

What do you think?

My son told me: "Mummy, I don't like it!"

Me: " What you don't like?"

My Son: " I don't like your hair"

Church's friends said: "Why you so "ying" (cool and trendy) oooo...?"

My man insisted wabt to get into the camho as well!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Party Play!!!

It is café called Party Play! When it is still under renovation, it has draw my attention…the interior design is something simple and nice, good ambience to hang out with friends and enjoying food!

Kam ngam (coincidently) hubby old friend was one of the people who help to manage the café so we decided to pay a visit today once he is back from Singapore down! My man said he kept dreaming about the roast spring chicken (which is in the menu) when he saw it in his friend FB photo album.

Okie dokie…let's go, we both loves food!

I tell you, the chocolate fondant is the champion…I have tried a few chocolate fondant from some café in KK, this one is on the top!!!

We went there for a late lunch…hubby's flight delayed!!!! So I guess it is good as we can skip the lunch crowd. Traffic jam to the max all the way from KKIA to Lintas Plaza.

My man kept saying this "I am so hungry, I hate flight delay…" blab la bla…. Luckyly, my lil man was asleep at the back!

Finally we reached there and we both really can't wait and order foodie from the menu. My man rushed his friend to place order to the kitchen first then only they borak-borak (chit- chat)

I go for the Healty Set from their Set Lunch Menu!
With the Caesar Salad & Club Sandwich

My man goes for the Roast Spring Chicken.
Yes, they serve the whole spring chicken!

Dessert time! Chocolate Fondant.
Woooooooo…….taste as good as you can imagine when you see the photo.

Party Play ma….my man really good when he need to P.L.A.Y!!!

Who is the founder?
Liang zai chef oooo (mean good looking guy), Dominic Chung.

Will camho with him during my next visit :p

A french trained chef who have experience working in some major cities hotel and restaurant Raffles Hotel, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur The Lafite and….go there and find out yourself!

Totally like the way they design the menu.

Then…we have fun lo…Lil Jo became the photographer of the day!
Nah…photo by Lil Jo.

Two important men in life! (of course there is another important man of mine, my DAD)

And you might realize that too…I have a new hair cut. Shortest ever in my life!

The first thing Hubby said it loud when he saw me when I pick him up at the airport "How come my wife so sexy?!"  @@

Sexy?! I want a boy-ish feel ehh....

I told my hairstylist, Julia. This time I want something boy-ish and cool, she asked me can it be as short as she want and I said go ahead!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

“Open Your Eyes BIG BIG” with L’oreal Paris Color Appeal Open Eyes Pro Palette

Woot….palette from L'oreal Paris - Color Appeal Open Eyes Pro!

L'oreal Paris has came out something easy to use eye shadow palette or we call it "INTELLINGENT"one. How intelligent it can be?! Intelligent like you can master the application of eye shadow like a pro even though you are newbie to make-up thingy!
Color Appeal Open Eyes Pro palette is designed in the shape of an eyelid, so that is easy to follow along! Even you are new to make-up thingy, I think you can be pro if you have this palette on hand.

Why?! Because the palette is designed in the shape of an eyelid, so that it's easy to follow along!

The eyelid design palette!
This time I got the earth shade eye shadow palette, my favourite shade!!!

4 SIMPLE STEPS. That is all you need to complete an eye make-up!

Step 1:
Apply the lightest shade on the entire eyelid and brow bone

Step 2:
Use the medium shade in the eyelid

Step 3:
Apply the darkest shade at the base of the lash line

Step 4:
Apply the highlighter to the inner corner of the eye and below the eyebrow for a finishing touch!

This is what you get with the palette.

Some self potrait shot aka camwhore.

Plus, with this palette you can get the eye make-up for a magazine photo shot too!!!

Check out the cover girl for NUYOU November issue. All the makeup was done using L'oreal Paris make-up stuff. Who say drug store brand can't go high fashion?!

Color Appeal Open Eyes Pro palette is now available at major retailers and pharmacies nationwide, priced at RM53.90



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