Monday, November 15, 2010

Woah….Party with food 3 days in the row!

Partay with food at Party Play 3 days in the row! Till the waiter address me as "The one who like to come here everyday"
Hey…the chef must be happy to see a return customer :p
I went there second time with My Man on the night before he return to Singapore.

My 2nd visit…not in mood to take photo because I am super hungry!
The only things I remember to do is pray before eat, then eat.

Don't ask me why My Man so.....he said he purposely did that. Ok, I will post it.

My 3rd visit…with co-workers.
I am sick…love's sick! Hubbies back to Singapore feel so down when he is away again, so my colleague asked me to join them for dinner.

Linguini Bacon Carbonara

Party Platter
You can pick any four starter from the menu to create your own platter


Dessert time.

After the dinner, we head to South Sea Sanctuary for a body massage. Boss belanja...Yay!


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