Sunday, November 7, 2010

“Open Your Eyes BIG BIG” with L’oreal Paris Color Appeal Open Eyes Pro Palette

Woot….palette from L'oreal Paris - Color Appeal Open Eyes Pro!

L'oreal Paris has came out something easy to use eye shadow palette or we call it "INTELLINGENT"one. How intelligent it can be?! Intelligent like you can master the application of eye shadow like a pro even though you are newbie to make-up thingy!
Color Appeal Open Eyes Pro palette is designed in the shape of an eyelid, so that is easy to follow along! Even you are new to make-up thingy, I think you can be pro if you have this palette on hand.

Why?! Because the palette is designed in the shape of an eyelid, so that it's easy to follow along!

The eyelid design palette!
This time I got the earth shade eye shadow palette, my favourite shade!!!

4 SIMPLE STEPS. That is all you need to complete an eye make-up!

Step 1:
Apply the lightest shade on the entire eyelid and brow bone

Step 2:
Use the medium shade in the eyelid

Step 3:
Apply the darkest shade at the base of the lash line

Step 4:
Apply the highlighter to the inner corner of the eye and below the eyebrow for a finishing touch!

This is what you get with the palette.

Some self potrait shot aka camwhore.

Plus, with this palette you can get the eye make-up for a magazine photo shot too!!!

Check out the cover girl for NUYOU November issue. All the makeup was done using L'oreal Paris make-up stuff. Who say drug store brand can't go high fashion?!

Color Appeal Open Eyes Pro palette is now available at major retailers and pharmacies nationwide, priced at RM53.90



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