Thursday, November 11, 2010

Party Play!!!

It is café called Party Play! When it is still under renovation, it has draw my attention…the interior design is something simple and nice, good ambience to hang out with friends and enjoying food!

Kam ngam (coincidently) hubby old friend was one of the people who help to manage the café so we decided to pay a visit today once he is back from Singapore down! My man said he kept dreaming about the roast spring chicken (which is in the menu) when he saw it in his friend FB photo album.

Okie dokie…let's go, we both loves food!

I tell you, the chocolate fondant is the champion…I have tried a few chocolate fondant from some café in KK, this one is on the top!!!

We went there for a late lunch…hubby's flight delayed!!!! So I guess it is good as we can skip the lunch crowd. Traffic jam to the max all the way from KKIA to Lintas Plaza.

My man kept saying this "I am so hungry, I hate flight delay…" blab la bla…. Luckyly, my lil man was asleep at the back!

Finally we reached there and we both really can't wait and order foodie from the menu. My man rushed his friend to place order to the kitchen first then only they borak-borak (chit- chat)

I go for the Healty Set from their Set Lunch Menu!
With the Caesar Salad & Club Sandwich

My man goes for the Roast Spring Chicken.
Yes, they serve the whole spring chicken!

Dessert time! Chocolate Fondant.
Woooooooo…….taste as good as you can imagine when you see the photo.

Party Play ma….my man really good when he need to P.L.A.Y!!!

Who is the founder?
Liang zai chef oooo (mean good looking guy), Dominic Chung.

Will camho with him during my next visit :p

A french trained chef who have experience working in some major cities hotel and restaurant Raffles Hotel, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur The Lafite and….go there and find out yourself!

Totally like the way they design the menu.

Then…we have fun lo…Lil Jo became the photographer of the day!
Nah…photo by Lil Jo.

Two important men in life! (of course there is another important man of mine, my DAD)

And you might realize that too…I have a new hair cut. Shortest ever in my life!

The first thing Hubby said it loud when he saw me when I pick him up at the airport "How come my wife so sexy?!"  @@

Sexy?! I want a boy-ish feel ehh....

I told my hairstylist, Julia. This time I want something boy-ish and cool, she asked me can it be as short as she want and I said go ahead!


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