Saturday, October 30, 2010

Windows Phone 7 - LG Optimus 7

iPhone is a trend?!

Well, I gonna tell you that Windows Phone 7 will be another trend soon. We have BB's gangs, iPhone's gangs, Android's gangs and another one is in the market now – Windows Phone 7!

What's the big deal? The thing is WP& got my man immediately when it lauched in Singapore last Thursday…yes my man brought back Windows Phone 7 this morning when he's back from Singapore.

He texted me last night:

My Man: "Save this no. (+65XXXXXX54)"
Me: "Why?"
(Because he already gets himself a Singapore number earlier on)
My Man: "This is my WP7 number"
Me: "You bought the phone?! Don't bluff me la…"
My Man: "Why you don't trust me?"

Then the text did not go on because I went to bed early with the other lover of my life – my lil Jo.
Till this morning, when I picked my man from the airport…"Nah….WP7!" he told me…arrogant.


"I HATE YOU!!!! "

Because my man did not buy it for me!

That's what I posted on my FB status and his BF from Australia laughing at me….Ken at Kangaroo land…you laugh that for now, till the day you married you will be stop laughing!



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nasi Padang @ D’KL again!

Boss buying dinner so we all went for dinner at D' KL! This was my second visit! Woot!

 As usual camwhore gao gao (mean hard core)!


Met someone from the nail industry and she's from Kuala Terengganu, my home town and she is my senior!!! Small, small world...




Now I have a smooth foot sole!!! Although it can't compare to lil Jo baby foot but still better than before! Those crack heels gone!

Now let see my condition from day to day!

Those hard skin start to falling off after I took shower at the night time on DAY 2!

My foot sole seem funny when I walk around on DAY 3 because those hard skins kept falling apart from my foot…so I did a foot bath when I am free in the shop then….hands get itchy and starting to peel off those hard skin…it might be gross but it does not hurt or painful at all. My co-worker asked me if I feel pain but NO, NO, NO at all.

A video of the peeling process.

Those hard skin removing or more to peeling process (because I like to peel it off) continue for the next few days till DAY 7 I got the following!!!

Smooth heel!!!!

Beauty Foot eh....

This product can be only use ONCE every 3 months and it's recommended for those who have Athelet's foot.

You can get it from SaSa outlet.



Monday, October 25, 2010

Flower Flower Flower

Nail post again.

But I am not the one who did the drawing….but my co-worker – Syuu!

This flowery design is a hits in Japan right now. It was one day last week our regular came over for a nail-do and I pass he rthe latest issue of Nails Up magazine, and right away I asked her "How about his flower y design?".



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Foodie: Popular Cuisine @ Towering, Kota Kinabalu

Ah Bing called: "Joey….you free or not?"

Me: "Er…Yes….." (I was on the way to Damai get my favorite drink!)

Ah Bing: " Had dinner already?'

Me: "Yea…."

He is gonna invite me for a food review! So I said "Yes" even though I just had my dinner. :p

I like fooooood! And I met Monica as well.

We went to a newly open restaurant at Towering, Kota Kinabalu - POPULAR CUISINE

and yes that was lovely Ah Bing......
Chef Kong was the owner, he previously a chef at Ocean located at KK city.
He invited us to kitchen to have a look how the dishes are prepared.

Chef Kong in the A.C.T.I.O.N!

4 of us camwhore in the kitchen. Monica there...go to her blog to find out KK food!

#1 Signature Taufu

I like the topping...good to go with white rice!!! I am fan tong (饭桶)...wahahaha

I thought it was a friend bread and Ah Bing they all laugh. But it does look like bread ma…
Chef Kong able to cook the taufu so geng!

#2 Mango Chicken
Fried chicken serve with mango salad

#3 Assam Fish Head
You know what?! Chef Kong using Leopard Coral Grouper (七星斑)!!!!

#4 Golden Sand Prawn
Fried prawn cook with salted-egg and butter. Look at the size of the prawn…means Yum Yum

#5 Hot and Sour Crab with bread
What we always had in West Malaysia is we serve it with man-tou (馒头) but chef Kong said it is hard to get a nice man-tou supplier in KK.

I am not good in eating crab because Hubby always do the job as in prepared the crab meat for me :p….hence Ah Bing became teacher of the day to teach me how to eat crabbie…shame shame.

Side story...if you have someone like to blog to dine with you, you're lucky if wait for your turn to
touch the food la! :p

All the uncles must be thinking :Why they so crazy taking photo!?"

I will return to Popular Cuisine again for their pork knuckle and Tom Yam!!!!!!
Yes, Chef Kong has been staying at Siam for some time to learn how to cook the original Tom Yam.

Lil Jo will definitely like the Signature Taufu because mama like it!

You need the map...I have no idea how to get there, becuase Ah Bing was the driver and it was raining on that night!

Go to Ah Bing post for the map!

Ah Bing: "Yes, babeh....come to my blog for the map or ask me out for dinner."



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Work @ BeautyExpo10

I has been busy ever since I came back from Kuala Lumpur…hubby going to Singapore, company annual event preparation, family…so till now I have time to sort out those photos in my memory card

About my work at BeautyExpo10…busy…I slept almost at 1am everyday and woke up at 7am…old lady now so I don't need too much of sleep…maybe

This is our exhibition booth during BeautyExpo10

And we camwhore before the exhibition start…shhhhhhh

We had a workshop about salon hygiene too…so please look for BARBICIDE logo before you enter a nail salon!

It is so important for the salon owner to sterilize all their tools using a hospital grade disinfectant, trust me you don't want to hear or experience those salon horror story.

Again before the workshop start, we did the usual stuff again….till our bosses make laugh of our "camwhore look"

Emily….how come you so photogenic!!!



Monday, October 18, 2010

How do they do it?! I want to master the skill to blow my own hair

It has been many many time....everytime I went to hair salon, this question will come across my brain.

How they (hair stylist/their assistant) blow my hair?! How come ti will be different when I DIY?

The hair stylist is G.O.O.D!!! I will show you her real person in blog again!

BTW, did you noticed my nail polish - LATEST Fall Collection from Essie hor!!!

A nail's guru from Johore...chopping her hair off!!!

Then...a brand new look....I love your new hair style!!!

I want to master the skill...maybe I need to get another powerful hair dryer/blower first.....



Sunday, October 17, 2010

I want Baby Foot! with BEAUTYFOOT

I want that pair of baby foot…smooth one! That's was Lil Jo when he was 12 months old…

Thanks to SaSa Malaysia for the opportunity to let me try the popular foot product – BEAUTYFOOT!

I have the hard soles at the heel part…I have to put on lotion constantly to keep it in good condition. Who don't have this issue?! I bet everyone will have this issue.

What BeautyFoot can do is to solve the problems with simple 3 steps – wearing, soaking and washing! Then all you need to do is to wait for 5 days or up to 2 weeks to remove all those hard skin cells.

BeautyFoot!!! not mine, the product

How it Work:
(from BeautyFoot website)

The secret of this action is Fruit Acid which is included as one of the main ingredients in Beauty Foot. It is used as a folk remedy and contains plentiful organic acid and penetrates into the layer of dead skin cells and decomposes the desmosomes the between the healthy dermic layer and the old dead skin layer, enabling easier peeling.

I have nothing to do now because my dear Hubby is not around and Lil Jo is napping now.

Step 1: Take out the product from the packet! Of course la

Step 2: Used the scissor to cut it off!

Step 3: Put on the booties! And wait for 1.5 hours

What you can do for the waiting period…up to you.

As for me, I am sitting in front of my Hubby mistress - referring to his Gaming Monster, the PC. Skype with Hubby!!!

After 1.5 hours proceed to

Step 4: Remove the booties and wash off those gel with water!

Now, wait for 5 days to see the result so you have continue stalking this blog now! :p

Please check out BeautFoot Facebook page and their WEBSITE.



Friday, October 15, 2010

Something from Taiwan

Ah Bing went to Taiwan last week so when he's back he brought me the Biore Eye and Lip Makeup Remover which is not available in Malaysia yet.

Read about Ah Bing post about his visit to The Land of Tai Mei!!! According to him, ladies and girls at Taiwan must have those false eye lashes so imagine make up stuff at Taiwan drugstore is more than us in Malaysia.

Gonna try this Biore Eye and Lip Makeup Remover later tonight.


Looking for accessories for your apparels?

If you're looking for authentic hand made korean bling blings... then look no further and ask me about my product catalogue!!!

Email me @ joey[dot]gossips[at]yahoo[dot]com