Sunday, October 24, 2010

Foodie: Popular Cuisine @ Towering, Kota Kinabalu

Ah Bing called: "Joey….you free or not?"

Me: "Er…Yes….." (I was on the way to Damai get my favorite drink!)

Ah Bing: " Had dinner already?'

Me: "Yea…."

He is gonna invite me for a food review! So I said "Yes" even though I just had my dinner. :p

I like fooooood! And I met Monica as well.

We went to a newly open restaurant at Towering, Kota Kinabalu - POPULAR CUISINE

and yes that was lovely Ah Bing......
Chef Kong was the owner, he previously a chef at Ocean located at KK city.
He invited us to kitchen to have a look how the dishes are prepared.

Chef Kong in the A.C.T.I.O.N!

4 of us camwhore in the kitchen. Monica there...go to her blog to find out KK food!

#1 Signature Taufu

I like the topping...good to go with white rice!!! I am fan tong (饭桶)...wahahaha

I thought it was a friend bread and Ah Bing they all laugh. But it does look like bread ma…
Chef Kong able to cook the taufu so geng!

#2 Mango Chicken
Fried chicken serve with mango salad

#3 Assam Fish Head
You know what?! Chef Kong using Leopard Coral Grouper (七星斑)!!!!

#4 Golden Sand Prawn
Fried prawn cook with salted-egg and butter. Look at the size of the prawn…means Yum Yum

#5 Hot and Sour Crab with bread
What we always had in West Malaysia is we serve it with man-tou (馒头) but chef Kong said it is hard to get a nice man-tou supplier in KK.

I am not good in eating crab because Hubby always do the job as in prepared the crab meat for me :p….hence Ah Bing became teacher of the day to teach me how to eat crabbie…shame shame.

Side story...if you have someone like to blog to dine with you, you're lucky if wait for your turn to
touch the food la! :p

All the uncles must be thinking :Why they so crazy taking photo!?"

I will return to Popular Cuisine again for their pork knuckle and Tom Yam!!!!!!
Yes, Chef Kong has been staying at Siam for some time to learn how to cook the original Tom Yam.

Lil Jo will definitely like the Signature Taufu because mama like it!

You need the map...I have no idea how to get there, becuase Ah Bing was the driver and it was raining on that night!

Go to Ah Bing post for the map!

Ah Bing: "Yes, babeh....come to my blog for the map or ask me out for dinner."



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