Wednesday, October 6, 2010

POISE @ WhiteRoom

Well, it has been long time didn't go to club.

I have been invited to attend POISE @WhiteRoom, a new hot spot in KK.

Meet a lot of people especially Beverly, she so lovely. It was fun!!!!


3 ladies owned Nokia N97 and we all complaining about the battery issue.

Only one thing to remember "DO NOT GET DRUNK IF YOU DRIVE"!!!

I always remember that.

DJ Eva T...dam like her hair style! She's got super nice bone feature to rock the short hair!!!

Look for the night. I need to master my skill to put on dark shade eyeshadow and faux eyelash.

Guess what, my boss join me that night….and I bumped into my customer too! @@

Hope there will be more events in the future.



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