Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Now I have a smooth foot sole!!! Although it can't compare to lil Jo baby foot but still better than before! Those crack heels gone!

Now let see my condition from day to day!

Those hard skin start to falling off after I took shower at the night time on DAY 2!

My foot sole seem funny when I walk around on DAY 3 because those hard skins kept falling apart from my foot…so I did a foot bath when I am free in the shop then….hands get itchy and starting to peel off those hard skin…it might be gross but it does not hurt or painful at all. My co-worker asked me if I feel pain but NO, NO, NO at all.

A video of the peeling process.

Those hard skin removing or more to peeling process (because I like to peel it off) continue for the next few days till DAY 7 I got the following!!!

Smooth heel!!!!

Beauty Foot eh....

This product can be only use ONCE every 3 months and it's recommended for those who have Athelet's foot.

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