Saturday, October 30, 2010

Windows Phone 7 - LG Optimus 7

iPhone is a trend?!

Well, I gonna tell you that Windows Phone 7 will be another trend soon. We have BB's gangs, iPhone's gangs, Android's gangs and another one is in the market now – Windows Phone 7!

What's the big deal? The thing is WP& got my man immediately when it lauched in Singapore last Thursday…yes my man brought back Windows Phone 7 this morning when he's back from Singapore.

He texted me last night:

My Man: "Save this no. (+65XXXXXX54)"
Me: "Why?"
(Because he already gets himself a Singapore number earlier on)
My Man: "This is my WP7 number"
Me: "You bought the phone?! Don't bluff me la…"
My Man: "Why you don't trust me?"

Then the text did not go on because I went to bed early with the other lover of my life – my lil Jo.
Till this morning, when I picked my man from the airport…"Nah….WP7!" he told me…arrogant.


"I HATE YOU!!!! "

Because my man did not buy it for me!

That's what I posted on my FB status and his BF from Australia laughing at me….Ken at Kangaroo land…you laugh that for now, till the day you married you will be stop laughing!



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